New emojis coming up in 2018

The world will never be the same, not with the emoji collection around. The world of communication, the way we text, the way we express our feelings for one another is defined by these icons we call emojis. Cute, miniature pixelated versions of our emotions placed inside our phones are there to make everything seem

Emojis and Medicine

Yes, it gets scary at the times, as doctors are not the people we wish to see that often. It’s not them it’s what they represent, and as far as we’re concerned no matter how white that coat seems, it’s still not a representation of an angel, and we know why. Nobody wishes to be

Emoji cakes

We all love cakes, it’s a fact. Whether it’s the chocolate that stimulates us to be happy or simply idea of sugar being a healthy drug, cakes cover all of these with a simple explanation. They’re tasty. Sometimes we eat more, sometimes we save it for the special occasion, but the fact is that we

Pillow talk and emojis

There’s something about emojis that we all love. The idea of communicating through the icons and the happiness of sharing the emotions we’d usually be too shy to express. Emojis can be our allies when it comes to number of things, and they definitely are the best thing about modern texting. There’s nothing you can

Taylor Swift in emojis

Whether you like her or not, Taylor Swift slays the modern music scene and her new album Reputation is said to be phenomenal. As we patiently await the new album to be available on YouTube, let’s take a step back and see why the world loves her. Tay certainly has a voice to kill for,

Burger emoji hype continues

It may be a while since we updated you on what’s happening, but in the world of technology and emojis in general, both Apple and Android versions are generally accepted by the public, so when something like this happens, everyone seems to be interested. Last time we checked Google SEO vowed to make things different

Top 10 emojis in USA

It must be that time of the year when all of us reach for the results to see if anything changed. Well, Apple made sure we have something concerning emojis as well. Now we have the list of emojis that took this year, the ones everyone used frequently. Ever wondered if you’re basic when it

Nurse Lee and her contribution to the emoji collection

It may sound easy, coming up with the new emoji, but the ideas like these aren’t easy when it comes to the reality, and Nurse Rachel Lee knew it, but the point is, sometimes, most of the times, we simply overlook the real issues in order to satisfy others, and that’s where this story comes

Future with sound included emojis

As most of use cannot imagine a life without a certain emojis in description to our posts and as an addition to our texts, it’s safe to say emojis in a way became a powerful way to communicate, so whether you want to reach public or influence people, emoji collection is a must, an addition

Jamie Oliver’s new emoji included recipe chatbot

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a fan of cooking, as you’re definitely a fan food, for if you weren’t you would probably be dead by now. Even if you aren’t a fan of culinary shows, Jamie Oliver is a name you remember all the delicious recipes by, and not only your mum mentions him