Halloween emojis

Well, the season is already here, and one cannot escape the signs. Autumn weather may be what most of us avoid, still the hype around everyone’s second favorite holiday already changed the way we text, describe photos on Instagram, or pretty much anything that includes emojis. We all know emojis dictate the way we feel,

Favorite Instagram emojis and how to use them

Well, it’s no secret people use emojis to communicate their feelings, but did you know how powerful they can be when it comes to self-promotion. Whether you aim to be a public influencer or a salesman, emojis are number one pick for everyone’s profile, as they’re proven to attract customers to your profile. Emojis are

What do different heart colors really mean?

Emojis are hard to miss, when engaging in the conversation with the person that we happen to share common things with, and it’s no wonder that often, even if not an active user of emoji, one sends a heart or two, with a certain intention. Well, sometimes to simply express your thoughts at the moment,

Emojis around the Globe

Emojis shaped the world into a giant gossip place, and it’s not just that we accepted it, but we also implemented it in every other aspect of our daily communication…Well, for most of us, emojis are all about fun, and we use them as we see fit, but given the world is too big to

Legend told throughout the set of our favorite emojis

Emojis have that something, and it’s not that we use it only when conversing, we use it when describing something, simply to leave an impact, so when one uses it incorrectly, we often are angered, given all the emojis have different, unique and real stories hidden behind it, something that will make you rethink the

What’s next in emoji collection?

Yes we all are equally excited for new emojis hitting the market, but what we all look for are something new with a hint of old, and something we will actually use, although, the emoji hype itself is only satisfied every now and then. Each year brings a new set of emojis to the table,

7 of the strangest emoji inspired items to buy as a gift

Ever wished for something that had emoji all over it? Of course you did, who wouldn’t? Emojis are icons that changed our life for the better, but once you think about it, these icons have abandoned the idea of being just used in text, and it all started a few years ago, as the market

Disney’s take on emojis

Well, there’s no need to mention how influential emojis can get, given the world today is pretty much gloomy without the collection, and that makes us wonder, if people are already translating certain pop culture items to into an emoji world. Yes, we’ve heard of a book being translated to an emoji language, and we’ve

Meet movies through emojis

Emoji language is more than a thing nowadays, and we see people using it in a different context each day, whether it is to come up with a riddle or to reference a piece of modern culture, it surely is common among people. Recently, a trend became to name a move only with emojis, and

Five celebrities that pulled off tongue emoji expression

It’s not like we never use this expression, despite the emojis, so you must wonder why it matters so much. Well, when it comes to the life of celebrities, it definitely is something noteworthy, and when they decide to do it for the cameras, that’s where the fun starts. Emojis  are definitely irreplaceable when texting,