MM emoji list

The list of all MM emojis. You can find the meaning of each emoji with its respective definition, usage and code. Though most of the emojis are supported by popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat but it must be noted that MM emoji shown here are how they appear on your device or platform but they may not appear or appear differently on various devices.

In spite of its official name, the face savoring delicious food emoji is very ra
This emoji shows a face with either a sad, down turned mouth or a neutral mouth,
The man judge emoji is one of two justice emojis. It shows a man donned in a bla
The woman judge emoji is one of two justice emojis available, and is instantly r
The woman wearing turban emoji was introduced in 2016 to address a gender imbala
One of a number of women’s footwear which grace out emoji keyboards, the woman
Watermelon emoji? Well, this is the official summer starter. The watermelon emoj
Well, we’ve all used this one, whether on a vacation or simply when in a pool
Wile this man swimming emoji may seem like something only a profesional swimmer
Also one of the commonly used, universal emojis, this emoji can mean a great dea
Although, this hotel emoji is often confused with the hospital emoji, people sti
Well, a person in bed emoji is probably one of those emojis that we all use when
The hammer emoji is fairly versatile and can be used in a number of situations a
The hammer and pick emoji shows a crossed hammer and pick or chisel. Most versio
The hammer and wrench emoji is one of a number of tool emojis available. It show
This is an official flag of Myanmar, sovereign state in the region of the southe
This flag stands for San Marino, third smallest state in Europe that is also kno
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