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The list of all TA emojis. You can find the meaning of each emoji with its respective definition, usage and code. Though most of the emojis are supported by popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat but it must be noted that TA emoji shown here are how they appear on your device or platform but they may not appear or appear differently on various devices.

In spite of its official name, the face savoring delicious food emoji is very ra
The third of three very similar โ€œface with stuck-out tongueโ€ emojis, this on
Although it is officially named the โ€œpensive faceโ€ emoji, โ€œremorsefulโ€ m
The pouting face emoji is not just pouting, itโ€™s mad! Usually shaded in an ang
Among the standard emojis, the angry face emoji is identical to the pouting face
The robot face emoji is an artistic representation of a very old school robot! I
The girl emoji is differentiated from the woman emoji by its cute pigtails on mo
The man emoji appears as vastly different ages, depending on the device used, ra
The man cook emoji is easily identified by his white chefโ€™s clothes and his di
One of two cook emojis, the woman cook emoji shows a woman wear white chefโ€™s c
Santa Claus is instantly recognizable in almost every corner of the globe โ€“ ev
While this levitating man in the business suit emoji has many applications, we m
The Vulcan salute emoji is pretty specialized, though the emoji is still widely
The sign of the horns emoji shows a single, entirely disembodied hand held in a
The tongue emoji shows a pink or red tongue nearly fully extended from a mouth.
The glasses or eyeglasses emoji depicts a pair of thick framed glasses with clea
The top hat emoji depicts a tall black hat with a ribbon band around its base. T
The dizzy emoji depicts a single star, a pair of stars or a series of stars โ€“
The poodle emoji is another dog emoji available, though this one shows a very sp
The octopus emoji is a cute and versatile emoji. It appears differently on diffe
Scorpions are potentially deadly arachnids with strong, powerful pincers and a v
The white flower emoji has a very specific meaning which is not that widely unde
The Rose emoji? One of the most used emojis in the world as it represents not ju
So what about the White Medium Star? Well, this one is commonly used as the favo
As for the glowing star, this one is usually used by mothers when expressing the
As for the shooting star emoji, it has clear meaning. We all use this one, wheth
While this emoji is actually represents the high voltage, itโ€™s often used in t
What can we use this Sparkles emoji for? Well, remember that shiny new necklace
Tanabata tree emoji? Well if you did attend Star festival at some point, youโ€™l
So what about the melon emoji? This may not be as popular as the watermelon emoj
Well if you get this emoji from a crush, then you two probably have the kinky so
So why would anyone use a tomato emoji? Well, Spain has this magnificent tomato
Well eggplant emoji has a whole lots of meanings but we all could agree that the
Well as far as potato emoji usage goes, you are either a farmer or a huge fan of
Well a carrot emoji isnโ€™t just a reference to everyoneโ€™s favorite childhood
Well, this ear of corn is definitely among the commonly used emojis in the entir
Although a hot pepper emoji is usually associated with the Mexican food, this cu
Mushroom emoji? Well, this one is usually used by people that, letโ€™s just say,
Well you know what the girls prefer over guys. You guessed it, French fries and
Everyoneโ€™s favorite emoji? Ultimate win? Go no further, as someone already res
Whoโ€™s up for tacos? Count us in as this emoji is much more than just a symbol
Well we all know what this one means. The release of the first official burrito
We may not be Japanese, but we sure adore this bento box emoji as it looks like
We may not have the Italian descent, but we all love this spaghetti emoji, and i
Well roasted sweet potatoes did deserve an emoji for itself, after all itโ€™s on
As for the cocktail glass, it does make a great emoji when it comes to celebrati
So what about the tropical drink emoji? Well, unless you live on Bali or somewhe
While a fork and the knife with a plate does seem more formal that the usual emo
As for the fork and the knife emoji, this one can be posted to pretty much anyth
Person mountain biking emoji is definitely a sort of thing among the European co
While this man mountain biking emoji may not be favorite one for people that don
Although a woman biking emoji may seem a bit unusual, trust us, thereโ€™s a lots
The usual ticket emoji, however remained, even with the newly added admission em
Military medal emoji is definitely something every soldier has on its profile re
Ping Pong emoji definitely is definitely one more in a row of sport emojis that
You donโ€™t have to be a boy to use this one, as this video game emoji is just a
If youโ€™re an artist, or by some chance the musician, you probably consider thi
This guitar emoji is used to describe probably any concert youโ€™ve ever been to
All of the bloggers and photographers just love using this one whether to share
While mount Fuji may not be something we have had a chance to visit, regardless
National park emoji is definitely something young people commonly use when descr
Well if you havenโ€™t been to Spain, youโ€™ve probably never used this emoji in
One of the most misunderstood emojis is probably this Japanese post office emoji
Although, this hotel emoji is often confused with the hospital emoji, people sti
While this emoji is often associated with the brothels and enjoying the sin of f
Not a favorite emoji but rather the one that we tend to use from September to Ju
While we use this department store emoji every now and then when our father deci
Statue of liberty emoji may just be the one of the popular emojis as it not only
We all have at least one fountain, even if we live in a small town and that make
This is definitely something we love to use when living in a big city. Night wit
Sunrise over mountains emoji is one of the rare emojis that actually depicts the
One of the things we simply love about the big cities is probably the sightings
We all love this universe emojis especially the Milky Way emoji as it represents
Ferris wheel emoji is definitely something we still enjoy at that amusement park
While this emoji has a few different interpretations, we all can agree that it m
So how about this station emoji? Seems like a useful one considering that someti
Mountain railway emoji is definitely something that we all use in regards to the
If you happen to be the member of a Red Cross, youโ€™ve probably used this ambul
Something we all use when waiting for a cab, or simply ordering one in the first
Oncoming taxi emoji is definitely something you use if youโ€™ve decided to becom
Horizontal traffic light is probably something we all use every now and then as
While we all probably have a necklace with this sign, this anchor emoji means a
Plane departure emoji is also one of the most used emojis, as we all make sure t
Suspension railway emoji is also one of the favorite emojis that tourists prefer
This mountain cableway is definitely something we all use every once in a while,
We still prefer using this shooting star emoji when it comes to our superstitiou
Well moai emoji might seem a bit creepy addition to your emoji collection, but w
While this knife emoji is quite popular with anyone that considers themselves a
Postal horn emoji is simply yet another symbol that somehow made it to the list
If you happen to still know what this one means, youโ€™re probably a kid born be
Telephone emoji is probably something that we usually see on the Instagram busin
DVD emoji is still something we use when talking about the setback that the new
While we may not remember having one of these, it still makes a perfect sense to
While videocassette may not be something that we use nowadays, this emoji makes
Well, this is definitely one of the emojis that we use to innocently flirt with
Well this books emoji is definitely we all end up using, as it often represents
The bookmark tabs emoji can appear quite different depending on the emoji platfo
The bookmark emoji has a bit of a misnomer as it depicts what looks far more lik
The label emoji is very similar in appearance to the bookmark emoji, except that
The black nib emoji depicts the metallic nib โ€“ usually in a silver or a gold e
The fountain pen emoji is very similar โ€“ sometimes identical โ€“ to the black
The pushpin emoji is one of two similar emojis, both in appearance and meaning.
The locked with pen emoji is not particularly versatile and therefore has somewh
The clamp emoji pictures a C-shaped clamp, complete with a screw. In some versio
The pill emoji is extremely versatile and suitable for use in a wide range of co
On most platforms, the cigarette emoji shows a fairly realistic cigarette which
The crystal ball emoji shows a blue or purple orb โ€“ often shimmering or sparkl
The potable water emoji was first introduced in 2010 and has both a practical, l
The sparkling heart emoji shows a pink or red love heart surrounded by a number
One of a number of love heart emojis, the blue heart emoji is โ€“ of course โ€“
Speech balloon emoji is something we see quite often in any virtual conversation
This white flower emoji is one of the emojis that we often misuse without knowin
While we all associate this with the forbidden territory, this stop sign emoji i
Definitely something that you havenโ€™t seen until now, this Postal horn emoji i
Litter in bin emoji is something you use quite often if you happen to be the one
Baby symbol emoji is something that weโ€™ve all used among all those other cute
Non-potable water emoji is something weโ€™ve all used that one time when on vaca
Left-right arrow is one of the things that we use quite often when in need of th
If you happen to be Jew, youโ€™re probably the only one that uses this emoji rig
Star and the crescent emoji is yet another in the religious emojis collection an
Also one of the religious symbols, this star with six points and dot at the cent
No way. That cute boy you met at the park is Taurus, same as you. Well, thank yo
Sagittarious emoji? We bet you wondered which one that was? Well, you definitely
Something that often makes us think our Wi-Fi is the best there is on the planet
One of the things we all try to avoid when on a school trip, this name badge emo
Eight pointed star emoji is one of the emojis that we use every time we want to
Keycap number sign emoji is one of the emojis that almost perfectly depicts the
Ever been to Japan? If you did, then youโ€™ve probably encountered one of these
Ever saw this one before? Probably not, unless youโ€™re Japanese, as this part o
In case you never noticed this one, itโ€™s the flag that represents the Afghanis
Ever wondered what this flag stands for? Itโ€™s for the land of the eternal ice,
In case you wondered which countries has a cool flag like this, itโ€™s time to f
Well, if you wonder what this one stands for, itโ€™s actually a flag of Costa Ri
Ever wondered what this flag represents, well, it stands for the Ceuta & Melilla
Definitely a flag that we all recognize as United Kingdom is one of the places w
This flag stands Gibraltar, British overseas territory located on the southern e
We all know this flag as it represents Italy, everyoneโ€™s favorite country, not
This flag represent Kyrgyzstan, an impressive Asian country that youโ€™ll most d
This flag stands for Kazakhstan, the dominant country in central Asia, known for
This is the flag of Mauritania, the Muslim country located in the Maghreb region
This flag represents Malta, one of the small island countries located in the Med
This flag represents Pakistan, Islamic country situated in South Asia, and the p
This flag represents Katar, one of the Arab countries that made its fortune with
This flag stands for Tristan Da Cunha, the remote group of volcanic islands in S
This flag represents Tajikistan, a landlocked country lying in the very heart of
This flag stands for Turkmenistan, the country in Central Asia, mostly known for
This flag represents Taiwan, an island country that bears an official name Repub
This country represents Tanzania, country in eastern African, the magical countr
We all know this flag as it stand for the United States, a federal republic comp
This flag represents Uzbekistan, a republic in Central Asia, the magical place w
This is the light skin tone version of Santa Claus emoji with pale white or whit
This is the medium light skin tone version of Santa Claus emoji with cream white
This is the medium skin tone version of Santa Claus emoji with moderate brown sk
This is the medium dark skin tone version of Santa Claus emoji with dark brown s
This is the dark skin tone version of Santa Claus emoji with deep brown skin col
This is the light skin tone version of Man in Business Suit Levitating emoji wit
This is the medium light skin tone version of Man in Business Suit Levitating em
This is the medium skin tone version of Man in Business Suit Levitating emoji wi
This is the medium dark skin tone version of Man in Business Suit Levitating emo
This is the dark skin tone version of Man in Business Suit Levitating emoji with
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