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Shaking face sample emoji
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Shaking is one of our primitive movement. We can shake because of the sheer nervousness of an interview or an exam result. Loud noises and natural events like earthquake may also cause us to vibrate to the core. We frequently see shaking depicted in comics, cartoons and other illustrations by double vision or lines curled around the character. Shaking face emoji is likely to find high ranking among texters as by it adds one more universally understood feeling on top of being a smiley face. The shake face may mean an earthquake, excitement, anticipation, the disorientation or double vision we experience because of illness. The metaphorical meaning like shaken to the core is among the likely use. However, the primary usage will be the emotions we feel like a heartbreak, fear, love and anger. However, UTC still has to pick either a blurred/double shock face overlapping each other or a shocked face with lines surrounding it to display the shaking face emoji.

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Note: - If you can't see the emoji, your device may not support Shaking Face emoji but you can still use it on other platforms.

Representations : Earthquake Face Shaking Shock Vibrate Double vision Excited Anger Fear Disorientation Ill Chills can be represented by 🫨 emoji.

How Shaking Face emoji appear on Apple, Google and other platforms?

Currently no major platform support the Shaking Face emoji and your device may show a blank space, empty square or a cross. Nonetheless, things may change in near future as new emojis gets added with each upgrade.

History of Shaking Face emoji

The shaking face emoji is now approved to be a part of Unicode 15.0 and will be released on September 2022 under emoji 15.0. We expect the usage to be really high and the proposers Neil Cohn and Jennifer Daniel also predicted the same.

Shaking Face in other languages

LanguageShort Name
SpanishSacudiendo la Cara, Terremoto, Vibrando la Cara, Conmoción, Visión Doble, Miedo, Nervioso, Enfermo
GermanSchüttelndes Gesicht, Erdbeben, vibrierendes Gesicht, Schock, Doppeltsehen, Angst, Nervosität, Krank
FrenchVisage tremblant, Tremblement de terre, Visage vibrant, Choc, Vision double, Peur, Nerveux, Malade
RussianДрожащее лицо, Землетрясение, Вибрирующее лицо, Шок, Двоение в глазах, Страх, Нервный, Болезнь
ItalianViso Tremante, Terremoto, Viso Vibrante, Shock, Doppia Visione, Paura, Nervoso, Malato
PortugueseTremendo o rosto, Terremoto, Vibrando o rosto, Choque, Visão Dupla, Medo, Nervoso, Doente

What is the code of Shaking Face emoji?

Unicode : U+1FAE8
Hexadecimal HTML Entity:   🫨
Decimal HTML Entity: 🫨

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