45 Funny Reply to Hello Text

Hello! It’s a word we use every day. It’s how we greet our friends, family, and even strangers. But have you ever thought about how you can make someone laugh with just a reply to this simple word? Well, you’re in for a treat!

This article will show you some of the funniest ways to respond to a simple “hello” text.

The Classic Switcheroo

Instead of saying “hello” back, why not switch things up a bit? Try replying with “Is it me you’re looking for?” This line, inspired by a famous song, is sure to get a chuckle.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Is it me you’re looking for?”

The Animal Greeting

Who says only humans can say hello? Next time someone texts you “hello,” reply with “Meow” or “Woof.” It’s a fun way to show your playful side.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Meow!”

The Foodie Hello

If you love food as much as I do, this one’s for you. Reply with “Pizza?” or “Ice cream?” It’s a tasty way to start a conversation.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Pizza?”

The Superhero Greeting

Channel your inner superhero with this reply. When someone says hello, respond with “Did someone call for a hero?” It’s a fun way to show off your brave side.

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Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Did someone call for a hero?”

The Sleepyhead Response

Not a morning person? This reply is perfect for you. When you get a “hello” text in the morning, answer with “Zzz… Oh, did you say something?” It’s a funny way to show you’re still half asleep.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Zzz… Oh, did you say something?”

The Outer Space Hello

Take your greeting out of this world with this reply. Respond to “hello” with “Greetings, Earthling!” It’s a cool way to show you’re from another planet.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Greetings, Earthling!”

The Question Game

Turn the tables and make them answer a question. Reply with “Why do you ask?” or “Who wants to know?” It’s a silly way to keep the conversation going.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Who wants to know?”

The Funny Mirror

This one’s simple but always gets a laugh. Just reply with “Hello, who’s this?” It’s like you’re looking in a mirror!

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Hello, who’s this?”

The Movie Buff Greeting

If you love movies, this one’s for you. Respond with “Here’s looking at you, kid.” It’s a famous line from an old movie, and it’s sure to make your friend smile.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Here’s looking at you, kid.”

The Jokester Hello

Who doesn’t love a good joke? Try this one: When someone says hello, reply with “Knock, knock.” When they ask, “Who’s there?” you can come up with a funny punchline.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Knock, knock.”

The Magic Trick

Make your friend think you’re a magician with this reply. Answer “hello” with “Abracadabra! Did I make you smile?” It’s a magical way to greet someone.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Abracadabra! Did I make you smile?”

The Robot Greeting

Show off your techy side with this response. When someone texts you “hello,” reply with “Beep boop. Robot mode activated.” It’s a cool way to show you’re in the future.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Beep boop. Robot mode activated.”

The Sporty Hello

If you’re a sports fan, this one’s for you. Respond to “hello” with “Ready to play ball?” It’s a sporty way to start a chat.

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Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Ready to play ball?”

The Musical Greeting

Sing your reply with this one. Answer “hello” with “La la la, did you say something?” It’s a musical way to greet your friend.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “La la la, did you say something?”

The Fairy Tale Hello

Take your friend on a fairy tale adventure with this reply. Respond to “hello” with “Once upon a time, someone said hello.” It’s a magical way to start a story.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Once upon a time, someone said hello.”

The Weather Reporter

You act like you’re giving a weather update.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “And in today’s forecast, we have a 100% chance of fun!”

The Time Traveler

You pretend you’re from a different time.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Greetings from the future! How’s 2023?”

The Detective Mode

You act like a detective solving a mystery.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Hmm, what clues do you bring me today?”

The Pirate Greeting

You talk like a pirate.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Ahoy matey! Ready for some treasure hunting?”

The Cowboy Hello

You greet like a cowboy from the Wild West.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Howdy, partner! Ready to ride?”

The Wizard’s Welcome

You act like a wise old wizard.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Ah, young traveler! What knowledge do you seek today?”

The Drama Queen (or King)

You reply with a lot of drama and flair.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Oh, the stars have aligned! Our paths cross again!”

The Gardener’s Greeting

You talk about plants and nature.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Bloomed any flowers lately?”

The Chef’s Chat

You’re all about cooking and food.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Cooked up any good recipes lately?”

The Bookworm’s Banter

You’re always reading and discussing books.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Read any good books lately?”

The Space Explorer

You’re all about exploring space and stars.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Spotted any UFOs lately?”

The Zookeeper’s Zest

You’re enthusiastic about animals.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Met any cool animals today?”

The Gamer’s Greeting

You’re always ready for a game.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Up for a game challenge?”

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The Artist’s Acknowledgment

You appreciate art and creativity.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Painted any masterpieces lately?”

The Musician’s Melody

You’re always humming a tune.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Heard any catchy songs today?”

The Fisherman’s Folly

You’re all about the catch of the day.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Caught any big fish tales lately?”

The Magician’s Mystery

You’re always up for a magic trick.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Pick a card, any card!”

The Astronaut’s Adventure

You’re exploring the universe.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Just landed from Mars, what did I miss?”

The Comedian’s Comeback

You always have a joke ready.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Why did the chicken text back? To get to the other side!”

The Baker’s Bliss

You love baking treats.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Fresh cookies on the way! Want some?”

The Knight’s Noble Note

You’re always in a chivalrous mood.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Greetings, noble friend! Ready for a quest?”

The Surfer’s Salute

You’re all about the waves.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Surf’s up! Catching any waves?”

The Scientist’s Speculation

You’re curious and always experimenting.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “In the lab, making a new potion. Need any?”

The Traveler’s Tale

You’re always on an adventure.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Just climbed Mount Everest! Where to next?”

The Dancer’s Delight

You’re always ready to dance.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Got my dancing shoes on. Joining me?”

The Photographer’s Perspective

You see the world through a lens.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Snap! Got a picture-perfect moment for me?”

The Racer’s Rally

You’re all about speed and competition.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Ready, set, go! Racing to the next adventure?”

The Builder’s Blueprint

You love creating and constructing.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Building dreams, one brick at a time. Need help?”

The Singer’s Serenade

You express yourself through song.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “♪ La la, how’s the tune of your day? ♪”

The Nature Lover’s Nod

You’re passionate about the great outdoors.

Friend: “Hello!”
You: “Hiking through the forest, want to join?”

Funny Hello reply in emoji style

🐱‍🚀 Just landed from another planet!
Feeling magical 🦄 today!
🕺💃 Dance party, anyone?
Thinking about pizza 🍕. Always.
Blasting off 🚀 to new adventures!
Spreading some colorful🌈 vibes!
Pulled a 🐰 out of my 🎩!
Beep boop! 🤖 mode activated.
It’s always a party 🎉 over here!
🍩 know what I’d do without you!
Riding the 🌊 of life!
Up, up, and away 🎈🎈!
🍍 Feeling tropical today!
🎸 Rocking out to my favorite tune!
All aboard the fun train 🚂!
🍔 time, all the time!
Traveling the 🌍, one hello at a time!
Painting 🎨 my day with happiness!
Chilling with my favorite treat 🍦!

In Conclusion

Saying hello doesn’t have to be boring. With these funny replies, you can make someone’s day and start a conversation with a laugh. So next time someone texts you “hello,” try one of these hilarious responses. You’ll be the funniest person in the chat!

And remember, it’s all in good fun. So keep it light, keep it funny, and keep saying hello in the most hilarious ways possible.

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