Understanding Emoji Heart Color Meanings

In the world of emojis, heart symbols hold a special place. But have you ever wondered what the different colors of heart emojis mean? From black to yellow, each color carries a unique message. In this article, we will explore the meanings behind emoji heart colors and guide you on when to use them. Let’s dive into the captivating world of emoji heart color meanings!

The Rise of Emojis in Our Digital Communication

With each passing year, emojis continue to populate our phones and social media messages. In fact, there is even a dedicated day for emojis celebrated globally called World Emoji Day, which falls on July 17th. It comes as no surprise that over 60 million emojis are shared on Facebook alone every single day.

Curious about the meanings behind emoji heart colors? Scroll down to unravel the secrets!

Mystery of Varied Emoji Appearances

You may have noticed that emojis can appear slightly different on various platforms, such as Apple and Android. This discrepancy arises because each platform interprets emojis according to its own coding standards. However, the meanings associated with heart emojis remain consistent, regardless of their visual representation on different devices..

If you are looking to incorporate hearts into your social media or text messages, feel free to copy and paste the heart symbols provided below:

♥ – Thinner heart symbol
❤ – Wider heart symbol
♡ – Outlined heart symbol

Unlike emojis, these heart symbols maintain a consistent appearance across all devices and platforms, as they are not tailored to specific formatting requirements.

Meanings of Heart Emoji Colors

Now, let’s delve into the meanings behind each heart emoji color, unraveling their hidden messages:

❤️ Red Heart Emoji Meaning: True Love

The ❤️, red heart emoji is synonymous with true love. It is the classic symbol we associate with Valentine’s Day, expressing profound affection towards someone. When you send a red heart emoji, you are telling the recipient that you deeply love them.

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This vibrant color signifies friendship, unconditional love, passion, and warm sentiments. Feel free to use red hearts on social media to express your love or show appreciation for something that holds great significance to you.

However, exercise caution and avoid using the red heart emoji when communicating with your boss, colleagues, or individuals in committed relationships, as it may convey unintended messages. Similarly, refrain from sending a red heart to someone you dislike.

🧡 Orange Heart Emoji Meaning: Friendship and Care

The orange heart emoji signifies friendship and care. The color orange is associated with joy, happiness, creativity, encouragement, and sunshine. When you send an 🧡, you are expressing deep fondness for someone as a friend. It serves as a gentle way to communicate that you value their presence in your life.

You can use orange heart emojis while interacting with friends or individuals who flirt with you, to kindly convey that you are not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship. Some refer to this as being in the “friend zone.” While orange heart emojis can be used on social media, they are not as popular or attention-grabbing as the red heart emoji.

💛 Yellow Heart Emoji Meaning: Appreciation and Joy

The yellow heart emoji signifies high appreciation for friendship and brings immense joy. Yellow is a bright, refreshing color associated with sunshine, energy, optimism, and the closest resemblance to gold. When you use 💛, you convey to the recipient that their friendship brings you immense joy. It symbolizes a heart full of happiness.

Share yellow heart emojis with friends and individuals who make you laugh. You can also incorporate them freely into your social media captions, especially during the spring and summer months, to depict activities and people that bring you happiness. Using a yellow-gold heart is always a positive compliment that brightens someone’s day.

💚 Green Heart Emoji Meaning: Jealousy, Nature, and Harmony

The green heart emoji represents various concepts, including jealousy, vegetarianism, and a popular Irish holiday. Green symbolizes nature, harmony, and renewal. However, it can also be associated with negative emotions like envy and greed. The meaning of the green heart emoji depends on the context:

Jealousy: When used in a conversation where possessiveness or jealousy arises, sending a green heart emoji conveys that you are expressing your jealousy or possessiveness. It signals that something has triggered feelings of jealousy, such as your partner talking to someone you dislike or someone from their past.

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Nature and St. Patrick’s Day: The green heart emoji is widely used around St. Patrick’s Day, as green is a prominent color in its celebrations. You will encounter leprechauns, shamrocks, and various shades of green leading up to the festive day in March.

Vegetarianism: On social media, vegetarians employ the green heart emoji to demonstrate their love for the planet, with green symbolizing the Earth and nature.

To comprehend the intended meaning of 💚, carefully consider the context of the conversation.

💙 Blue Heart Emoji Meaning: Trust and Confidence

The blue heart emoji represents trust and confidence. It symbolizes stability, wisdom, and faith. Blue reminds us of the vast seas and the sky, evoking a sense of calmness and sagacity. When you use blue heart emojis, you are conveying your trust in someone and offering them your confidence.

Use 💙s while communicating with friends or individuals you wish to encourage during projects or challenging times. However, refrain from using blue heart emojis excessively on social media.

💜 Purple Heart Emoji Meaning: Love for Luxury and Glamour

The purple heart emoji signifies a love for luxury, glamour, and sparkle. It represents the color of nobility and extravagance.

Purple is a vibrant hue that exudes a sense of grandeur. Incorporate purple heart emojis into your social media posts when sharing exquisite products, outfits, or engaging in glamorous activities, particularly on Instagram. In private messages, a purple heart emoji implies physical attraction. Sending 💜 to someone indicates that you are interested in them, at least on a physical level.

🤎 Brown Heart Emoji Meaning: Enduring and Sweet Love

The brown heart emoji signifies a strong and enduring love, akin to the sweetness of chocolate. Brown is a warm and comforting color that evokes feelings of dependability. When you send a brown heart emoji, you are expressing affection and indicating that your love for the recipient stands the test of time.

Utilize brown heart emojis when communicating with loved ones, especially for individuals who appreciate subtlety and dislike overly sentimental displays. 🤎 also work well in fall and winter social media posts, complementing the cozy ambiance of those seasons.

🖤 Black Heart Emoji Meaning: Sorrow or Dark Humor

The black heart emoji conveys sorrow or dark humor. Black represents mystery, elegance, and rebellion. When something unfortunate occurs or you find humor in situations that others might consider inappropriate, using a 🖤 emoji can encapsulate those emotions.

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Exercise caution and primarily share black heart emojis in private messages with individuals who will understand and appreciate the intended sentiment. On social media, black heart emojis can be used to share sad news or evoke a sense of darkness in your content.

🤍 White Heart Emoji Meaning: Love in Completion

The white heart emoji represents love, similar to other heart emojis. Its primary purpose is to complete the colorful heart emoji set. The white heart emoji came into existence due to a proposal and subsequent acceptance by the emoji decision board.

Some individuals associate the white heart emoji with a craving for white chocolate. It also symbolizes the purest form of love. You can incorporate 🤍 when creating strings of hearts or during the winter season to express your love for snow and the cozy elements associated with it.


Emoji heart colors reveal captivating stories, ranging from expressions of profound love to finding something excessively funny. When sending messages or posting on social media, utilize the variety of heart color emojis to inject new life into your communication. Decode the language of love and add a touch of vibrant emotion to your digital expressions!


What does the pink heart emoji mean from a girlfriend?
The pink heart emoji from a girlfriend typically signifies affection, sweetness, and tenderness. It represents love and care towards her partner and is often used to express romantic feelings.

What does the blue heart emoji mean from a friend?
When a friend sends the blue heart emoji, it usually signifies trust, loyalty, and support. It’s a way of expressing a deep and meaningful friendship bond, emphasizing that they are there for you.

What does the red heart emoji mean from a boyfriend?
The red heart emoji from a boyfriend carries a strong message of love and passion. It signifies a deep romantic connection and is often used to express intense feelings of love and devotion.

What does the yellow heart emoji mean from a best friend?
The yellow heart emoji from a best friend represents a strong and cherished friendship. It symbolizes joy, happiness, and a special bond between friends. It’s a way of saying, “You bring sunshine into my life.”

What does the purple heart emoji mean from a crush?
When a crush sends the purple heart emoji, it often indicates a strong physical attraction and interest. It conveys admiration and can be seen as a subtle way of expressing romantic feelings.

What does the green heart emoji mean from a sibling?
The green heart emoji from a sibling represents familial love, support, and unity. It symbolizes a close bond and serves as a reminder of the special connection between brothers and sisters.

What does the black heart emoji mean from a sarcastic friend?
The black heart emoji from a sarcastic friend typically carries a sense of humor or irony. It may be used to playfully tease or make a lighthearted joke, expressing a humorous and witty nature.

What does the white heart emoji mean from a parent?
The white heart emoji from a parent signifies pure and unconditional love. It represents the strong bond between a parent and child, symbolizing care, protection, and support.

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