iPhone’s iOS 17.4 Update Brings 118 New Emoji, Including Phoenix, Lime, and Head-Shaking Emojis

Get ready, iPhone owners, for a fun upgrade. Apple’s iOS 17.4 update will gift you with 118 fresh emoji. They’ll add color to your messages and chats, sprucing up our digital lives. This treat is set for March or April 2024 after version 15.1.0 of Unicode got the thumbs up in September 2023. It’s Apple’s move to jazz up its emoji keyboard.

Meet the New Emoji

The iOS 17.4 beta is here for developers. Check out the six cool new emoji:

Head Nods (🙂‍↔️) and Shakes (🙂‍↕️): A fun way to say yes or no.

Phoenix (🐦‍🔥): This fiery bird is all about fresh starts.

Lime (🍋‍🟩): It’s here to shake up your food chats.

Brown Mushroom (🍄‍🟫): Gives you more nature and food emoji options.

Broken Chain (🔗‍💥): Here’s to freedom and breaking loose.

On top of these, look out for four new family emojis. They don’t specify gender, which is a nod to inclusivity. They cover different family types and present as white silhouettes on a grey square icon. It’s a shift from the usual colorful versions.

The update also brings exciting new changes to six existing people emojis like, Person Walking, Running, Kneeling, Person with White Cane, and those in Manual and Motorized Wheelchairs.

They now have left and right-facing options and are available in all three genders and five skin tones, adding up to 108 fresh variations.

These new-and-improved emojis meet the growing need for more inclusivity and representation in our digital chats. They embrace the variety of our users’ experiences, including those with disabilities, with more options for unique expression.

Glitches & Final Adjustments

There are some hitches with the iOS 17.4 which is still in its beta phase. For example, selected emojis often swap back to their default left-facing position. Updates in future beta versions should solve this issue before its official rollout.

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