Using Heart Symbols on Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and More

The heart symbol holds immense popularity in the digital realm, with its usage surpassing millions each day. Its universal association with love, friendship, and solidarity makes it a simple yet powerful expression. In just one character, the heart symbol has the ability to convey a multitude of emotions, showcasing its remarkable influence.

Select and Copy Heart Symbols to Make a Statement

Let’s explore some heart symbols that you can use to add a touch of love to your content:

  • Black Heart: ♥
  • Floral Heart: ❦
  • Upside-Down Heart: ❥
  • White Heart: ♡
  • Dotted Heart: ❣

The heart symbol has even inspired baristas in creating intricate milk foam designs. Represented through various means like ASCII codes, keyboard shortcuts, or the Windows Character Map, the heart symbol transcends beyond the listed symbols. Numerous other characters can be utilized freely to suit your needs across different devices (desktops, smartphones, tablets) and platforms (Facebook, Skype, Twitter, WhatsApp). Allow us to guide you with essential tips and tricks centered around the heart icon.

How to Make a Heart Symbol on Your Keyboard

There are multiple ways to insert a heart symbol into an application. The simplest and quickest method is to copy the popular icons from our table:

  • ♥ [Alt] + [3]
  • ♡ [Alt] + [9825]
  • ❤ [Alt] + [10084]
  • ❥ [Alt] + [10085]
  • ❣ [Alt] + [10083]
  • ❦ [Alt] + [010 086]
  • ❧ [Alt] + [010 087]
  • 💗 U + 1F491
  • 💓 U + 1F493
  • 💔 U + 1F494
  • 💕 U + 1F495
  • 💖 U + 1F496
  • 💗 U + 1F497
  • 💘 U + 1F498
  • 💙 U + 1F499
  • 💚 U + 1F49a
  • 💛 U + 1F49b
  • 💜 U + 1F49c
  • 💝 U + 1F49d
  • 💞 U + 1F49e
  • 💟 U + 1F49f
  • ღ [Alt] + [04326]
  • ও [Alt] + [02451]

If you’re unable to insert the heart symbols, make sure to press the numbers on the numeric keypad of your keyboard while holding down the [Alt] key. On laptops, the [Fn] key might be required. For desktop computers, use the [Fn] key in combination with the numeric buttons.

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Paste on Linux, Mac, and Windows

You can effortlessly add hearts to your documents across Linux, Mac, and Windows. If you’re using a PC with Windows 7 or earlier, click on the Windows icon, then navigate to “All Programs,” followed by “Accessories,” “System Tools,” and finally “Character Map.” There, you’ll find various heart symbols in different fonts.

Simply copy and paste them using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + V or by right-clicking and selecting “Paste.” Windows 8 users can search for “Character” using the Windows search feature and choose the desired icon for easy insertion into documents.

Mac users can also insert heart symbols in Mac-internal programs by clicking on “Edit” and then selecting “Special Characters.” Under “Different Characters,” locate the heart symbol and click on “Insert.” This process is applicable to major browsers as well. Linux users can find heart symbols in the character table and insert them into documents or chats.

Adding Heart Symbols on Facebook, Skype, and Twitter

In the past, the heart symbol held a slightly different meaning than it does today. It was primarily used to draw attention to an expression. Back then, the heart symbol didn’t exist as an independent character and had to be formed by combining the characters “3” and “<.” With the advent of messengers like ICQ and later WhatsApp, the heart symbol was integrated as a symbol and gained increasing popularity. Nowadays, it serves as a special symbol that can be easily used in WhatsApp and SMS messages.


On Facebook, there are two different ways to represent the heart symbol. You can use a pink heart by typing the special character combination “<3” in a chat box. Facebook automatically converts this combination into a pink heart. For a smaller red heart, open the Windows Start menu and select the “Character” program. Various special characters, including a black heart (♥), can be found under the “Arial” font in the bottom third of the list. Copy and paste it into the Facebook status box by right-clicking. While posting, the heart will be converted to a red heart. If the black heart remains, you can bypass automatic conversion by adding a special character like a period, comma, or colon after the characters.

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Skype operates similarly to Facebook. By using the key combination (l), with “L” representing “love,” Skype converts the string into a heart symbol instantly. Alternatively, you can find this and other emoticons on the left side of the input field. The classic black heart from our character table can also be inserted, retaining its original shape.


On Twitter, there’s a single method to insert a heart symbol. Just like on Facebook, shape the heart symbol by typing the special characters “<3.” Once entered or posted, the desired heart will appear. The black heart from the character table can also be pasted and posted without being converted, remaining black.

Adding Heart Symbols in Office Applications

MS Office, the renowned Microsoft office suite available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, comprises several components, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, OneNote, InfoPath, and Lync. The heart symbol can be conveniently inserted into various MS Office programs.

Inserting a Heart in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint

While the heart icon isn’t readily available on the keyboard, you can paste it into Microsoft Word. Press the “Alt” key while typing “3” on the numeric keypad, and the heart symbol will appear. It can be copied and resized as needed. To insert a heart consisting only of a frame, use the combination “Alt” and “9825” to insert it into the document. If your keyboard lacks a numeric keypad, you can access the character table to copy the desired heart symbol.

Excel also allows the insertion of a heart using the numeric keypad or character table. PowerPoint and MS OneNote provide a similar option, allowing hearts to be drawn and adjusted in size and shape. Mac users can simply click on “Edit,” followed by “Special Characters,” to access the heart symbol in different fonts and customize it for any purpose.

Inserting a Heart Symbol in SMS and WhatsApp

WhatsApp offers a wide range of smileys, including the heart symbol, which is one of the most popular symbols. Available in different colors, the heart symbol is not limited to representing romantic love alone. It is also sent among friends or acquaintances to convey gratitude or express joy.

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To insert a heart symbol in WhatsApp, simply click on the smiley icon, scroll down, and select the desired heart symbol. When sent individually, the heart appears in an oversized format, but when combined with text or other symbols, it appears in a normal size to your chat partner.

As for SMS messages, the heart symbol can be created by replacing the comparison sign “<” with the number “3.” This combination forms a lying heart (“<3”), which can be made on any mobile phone or smartphone. Open the SMS program, select special characters, and type the appropriate icon to add a heartfelt touch to your messages.

Inserting the Heart Sign in WhatsApp and SMS

WhatsApp offers a wide range of smileys, including the heart symbol. It is one of the most popular symbols and is available in different colors. It is commonly used not only as a token of love but also among friends and acquaintances to express gratitude or joy. To insert a heart symbol in WhatsApp, click on the smiley icon, scroll down, and select one of the available heart options. When sent individually, the heart appears oversized, but when combined with text or other symbols, it appears in normal size in the chat. As for SMS, the heart symbol can be used by replacing the comparison sign “<” with the number “3.” This combination forms a lying heart ( “<3”) and can be created on any mobile phone or smartphone. Simply open the SMS program, choose special characters, and type the appropriate icon.


The heart symbol continues to serve as a timeless expression of affection and love. When depicted in color, it is often shown in red, representing passion and romance. In the digital era, the heart symbol finds widespread usage in SMS messages, emails, internet forums, and computer chats. It has become a visual representation of warmth, tenderness, and heartfelt emotions. Whether you’re sending a message to a loved one, designing a website, or crafting an engaging article, incorporating heart symbols can add a touch of sentiment and authenticity to your content.

In conclusion, the heart symbol transcends linguistic and cultural boundaries, speaking a language of its own. Its simplicity and universal appeal make it an ideal tool for expressing love, friendship, and solidarity in the digital realm. So, embrace the power of the heart symbol and infuse your communications with warmth and affection.

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