Emoji cakes

We all love cakes, it’s a fact. Whether it’s the chocolate that stimulates us to be happy or simply idea of sugar being a healthy drug, cakes cover all of these with a simple explanation. They’re tasty. Sometimes we eat more, sometimes we save it for the special occasion, but the fact is that we … Read more

Top 10 emojis in USA

It must be that time of the year when all of us reach for the results to see if anything changed. Well, Apple made sure we have something concerning emojis as well. Now we have the list of emojis that took this year, the ones everyone used frequently. Ever wondered if you’re basic when it … Read more

Favorite Instagram emojis and how to use them

Well, it’s no secret people use emojis to communicate their feelings, but did you know how powerful they can be when it comes to self-promotion. Whether you aim to be a public influencer or a salesman, emojis are number one pick for everyone’s profile, as they’re proven to attract customers to your profile. Emojis are … Read more

What do different heart colors really mean?

Emojis are hard to miss, when engaging in the conversation with the person that we happen to share common things with, and it’s no wonder that often, even if not an active user of emoji, one sends a heart or two, with a certain intention. Well, sometimes to simply express your thoughts at the moment, … Read more