Emoji cakes

We all love cakes, it’s a fact. Whether it’s the chocolate that stimulates us to be happy or simply idea of sugar being a healthy drug, cakes cover all of these with a simple explanation. They’re tasty. Sometimes we eat more, sometimes we save it for the special occasion, but the fact is that we enjoy it way more than we should, and we’re proud of that. Nothing better than a cake on a bright sunny day, doctors say…

We just made that up, but the fact is that we really should do what we love and what makes us happy, and if sugar is what makes us happy, well, math says cake is made of it. There are plenty of the cake ideas you can find online, and if you happen to a creative soul, well, baking can be quite relaxing hobby. One can be surprised with the amount of time people spend baking, but if that’s what makes them happy, who can blame them.

What we decided to present you with this time are the couple of ideas that you can use the next time you decide to bake, as you don’t have to be a professional to play with the food coloring, and to be honest, it’s way easier than the guys on TV make it look. So, join us as we look through a few ideas that are inspired with the small icons we use every now and then, whether when texting or describing a photo on Instagram. Emoji themed cakes. Why not? If you doubt they exist, we dare you to keep on reading, as the cakes ideas you’re about to see will definitely change your perspective, and trust us, you’ll never feel the same about baking, not after you see these beauties…

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The idea of starting off with the basics was due to the fact that most of us think drawing is harder than it looks, but as you can see from this example, all you need is yellow and black to make this cake design turn to a real thing, and while this Pinterest idea does include sprinkles, your version doesn’t have to be all that glamorous to look this good. It’s still a smiley face, and nobody will care if there are a few extra things on the top or not. When in doubt, keep it simple!

While this version of the emoji themed cake may look a bit harder to achieve, it’s definitely worthy of a mention, as nothing says fun like cat with heart eyes emoji themed cake, especially if you’re baking for a child. It’s still easier than drawing Elsa with the food coloring. Not to fool anyone, this cake design is something you can turn to reality, and if you’re out of the food coloring you can always use the strawberries or anything reddish to achieve this look. Guess who is planning on the awesome birthday for that random child everyone loves from the neighborhood.

One of the easier cake designs to achieve, this kissing emoji themed cake is definitely a great idea if you’re looking forward to that anniversary with your better half, and if not, you can still use this design for something else, for example, you can make it for your crush. No, that’s not a good idea, or perhaps it is. Who knows, it can be a cupcake and not a cake, as the cake idea is just way to creepy to be realized. If that fails as well, then bake it for yourself. The world is what you call it, wouldn’t you agree?

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How about this? Chocolate makes everything seem a bit sweeter, and this wink emoji themed cake seemed like an easy thing to achieve, especially if you’re aiming to attract someone’s attention. It’s definitely a subtle way of showing your feelings for someone, and it’s low key message, which we all love to use every now and then. Whether it’s to impress your work colleague or to wish him a good time at the new firm, this wink emoji themed cakes says a lot, and it can be interpreted differently. Something to go for when in doubt, wouldn’t you agree?

You have a cool friend that enjoys being the best among the crowd? Well, this chocolate induced cake design makes it for an awesome birthday cake for a popular friend. It takes chocolate to make someone happy, they say, and this emoji themed cake does seem to have it all. If nothing, this cake will make that one friend feel special, and everyone will appreciate the thought. After all, the best thing about the birthdays are the cakes, as that’s the only thing we all can get to try out, as other gifts are exclusively to please the one celebrating.

This may seem like a hard task but it’s definitely is a good thing to try out, especially when you have time to do such things, and it doesn’t have to be for a friend. If you’re up to this level already, you should probably consider turning the hobby into a lucrative business, like all of them do, after all, people will always turn to the sweets. Nothing says art like cakes, wouldn’t you agree? If you ask us, emoji themed cakes are the new level of art, and they are edible, which takes emojis to a whole new level, right?

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This is definitely an idea to consider if you happen to be an aunt to a girl, or if you happen to be in charge of one more birthday. Then again, it doesn’t have to be a small girl that you can make happy with this cake design, as it takes some effort to make any girl feel like princess. All girls are looking to feel that way, whether they admit it or not, and you can be the one who makes their dreams come true even if you take their money in return for an emoji cake.