List of emojis to be added in Emoji 15.0 in 2022 

Emoji 15.0: List of new emojis of 2022

The next emoji installment is due in September 2022 include 21 new addition (31, taking skin-tones into account). The update will include hand gestures, a smiley, animals, food and two symbols. However no new emoji related to activities or places are approved this time. The new characters will be approved as a part of Unicode 15.0 but the texters still need to wait until 2023. As major vendors like Apple, Google and Samsung may take time to come up with proper depiction of approved emojis.

Here is the list of emoji characters added:



Body parts

  • 🫸 Rightwards Pushing Hand
  • 🫷 Leftwards Pushing Hand
All 5 skin tone tones will be available for both the gestures.



  • 🪽 Wing
  • 🪿 Goose
  • Black bird

Aqua life

  • 🪼 Jellyfish


  • 🫚 Ginger
  • 🫛 Pea Pod


  • 🪻 Hyacinth


  • 🪭 Folding Hand Fan
  • 🪮 Hair Pick
  • 🪇 Maracas
  • 🪈 Flute

Religious symbol

  • 🪯 Khanda

AV symbol

  • 🛜 Wireless

Please note the emojis will only be visible on devices that support emoji 15.0. A blank square/rectangle will appear on non-supported devices. However you can still copy them and send on supported platforms.