Emoji Etymology

We all know it, we all use, but where it came from, we’ve never wondered. Well, we may know it came from Japan, by some guy that thought these icons won’t be as popular as his other creations, but the fact that they took over the world once Apple included the collection in its keyboard, and then later Unicode made sure every phone user has them, but once they were planetary popular, there was no going back. Well, their maker had in mind that only Japanese would use it and given that it originated in Japan, it is only natural that word comes from there. Ever watched anime? If you happen to be one of those people, then you’ve probably encountered these icons way before they became popular, and in a way Manga was what defined these icons. So whats the secret behind the icons that we so often use, and the icons that became the replacement for the actual feelings and an expression of pretty much anything, even sometimes used to depict the latest viral post, or meme.

The fact is that the word emoji was invented by joining two words, two Japanese symbols, which eventually were accepted universally by everyone, as a name for the icons we use and love. The first part was “E”, meaning picture and “MOJI” meaning character, so together these two create the harmony that we know as EMOJI. This was an easy one, right?

In case you wanted to show off in front of your friends then we’ve just found a way, and yes, we do realize that if you’re Japanese, you probably know it already, but hey, it counts still if your solemn wish is to share a piece of knowledge as we imagine that people don’t really know these things, especially when it comes to emojis, so it’s nice to share some useful piece of info, if nothing, it makes for a great conversation starter, and we all love people that’ll give us something to work with, even if that something is a random fact considering our emoji collection.

Besides, there’s something even more important to learn about this one, like the fact that last year, Oxford dictionary pronounced an emoji to be a word od a year, so if one can imagine an emoji dictionary in the years to come, then these facts may be something that kids will learn at school in the years to come. While we may dwell on the fact that we never got to learn something as cool as this, with the world changing, we must realize that the change is a welcome one, and maybe something that will bring us all together as there’s a prediction that says the emoji collection may easily become the common language between people, as the meaning of these signs are pretty much the same in every language, and that makes them somewhat differ from the languages that we all find quite hard to comprehend these days.

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