Pillow talk and emojis

There’s something about emojis that we all love. The idea of communicating through the icons and the happiness of sharing the emotions we’d usually be too shy to express. Emojis can be our allies when it comes to number of things, and they definitely are the best thing about modern texting. There’s nothing you can hide when it comes to the emoji talk, and once you get used to using them, you can never go back as each text without them will seem plain, not as interesting, and definitely not as impressive. One way or another we all want to impress the person on the other end of the line, and it can be through number of things but everyone’s favorite is definitely the emoji collection, from the three monkeys to the classic hearts, emojis are there for us, so you must wonder what does it all have to do with pillows.

Is it about the song? Last time we checked, Zayn didn’t launch the emoji collection, but there’s something in the catchy title. Pillows. Yes, pillows, and you’re about to see what’s it all about. The thing is, you can get pretty much anything that is themed with emojis, but our pick for this week is definitely pillows. All shapes and sizes, as long as it is emoji themed. The thing is, these pillows are relatively cheap, especially if you’re ordering from Amazon, and admit it, and we all do. Amazon is the best thing about the internet shopping, and while you can get these pretty much anywhere online, we’re not here to talk about that, so join us for the real thing. We present you the 8 of the best emoji themed pillows in the entire world, and something to consider buying while there’s sale.

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Starting off with the basic tears of joy emoji, this pillow is definitely something to decorate your living room with, as we all can agree that even our parents will not confuse this icon with something inappropriate which makes it relatively safe when it comes to the holiday investments. Tears of joy is the emoji we all use way too much, and we all associate it with happiness, which makes this an excellent addition to that boring sofa your mother refuses to let go, and if you ask us, it doesn’t have to be all gray especially when you have these cute pillows to decorate with.

Are you happily in love? If your answer was yes, we just found the perfect gift to buy, as this cute heart eyes emoji themed pillow screams love for the right person, and it makes it an excellent gift for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, and whether you celebrate it or not, this pillow is an idea to use anytime. If there’s an anniversary coming up soon, it can be used as the gift as well, and if not, then you can simply buy it to make your better half happy. It will seem more real if transferred to something like this, wouldn’t you agree?

Are you a sleepy head or can you tell when someone is? If not, never mind as you can still get one of these pillows as an inside joke for that one college friend that just cannot stay awake, and it may be obvious when sitting in the first row, but as far as we’re concerned, this emoji themed pillow can definitely be useful when one gets tire of school and the topics that are simply made to be boring. Still a better option than that stiff wooden table, wouldn’t you agree?

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Aiming to be the cool one among the boys? Well, nothing says cool like having this emoji themed pillow in your bedroom. You’ve probably used this emoji way too much, so if nothing you can expect someone to buy you this pillow as a gift. It’s definitely worthy of your attention, as this emoji themed pillow is just about your personality, and definitely a good thing to have when in need of boosting your self-esteem. You want to get one of these? Well, you should probably manipulate one of your friends to get you one of these before it’s too late.

We all have that one friend who happens to be a Snapchat addict? Well, guess what, you’ve just found the ideal gift for the anniversary of your streaks. It doesn’t have to be a cake or something like that, it can be something unique like this pillow, after all, this ghost emoji themed pillow is just adorable and we’d buy it without even thinking about the consequences. If nothing, then you can use it when using Snapchat. Imagine the snaps of this pillow alongside those new Snapchat features. It does seem like a good idea, wouldn’t you agree?

One of the popular emojis lately definitely deserves to be in your pillow collection, right? This thinking emoji themed pillow can simply be used as a sign when you decide to let someone know what’s up with you, or you can get one of these for your sister, as these pillows are definitely something one doesn’t have to come up with a meaning for, as they can mean literally anything. If you happen to be a fan of weird yet cute things, then this pillow is a must have and if not, well, you can still find one the others from the list to suit your needs.

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If you have a younger brother or a younger sister, then you should probably consider getting them one of these unicorn themed emoji pillows. It takes a few small things to make children happy, and unicorns are definitely on the list. It cost a few bucks but it will most definitely make them feel special, and if nothing then, they’ll love you more than they love other adults in the family. It’s all about the gifts, but what kids’ love more than gifts are the gifts that are not just stupid.