Emojis and Medicine

Yes, it gets scary at the times, as doctors are not the people we wish to see that often. It’s not them it’s what they represent, and as far as we’re concerned no matter how white that coat seems, it’s still not a representation of an angel, and we know why. Nobody wishes to be sick, and visiting a doctor is a traumatizing experience in its core, but what scares us the most is probably the fact hospitals are just appalling, and one cannot do anything about it. It’s been that way ever since the world came to existence, and it’s not going to change now. Or, is it?

Well, remember when you were a kid, visiting a doctor, terrified and all? Doctors tried to make you feel better, and most of the times they failed, as no amount of the lollipops they gave to you was enough to make the pain go away. Their work places were all in posters of cartoons, and the kids that seem to be happy there, up on the walls. Yes, it all seemed fine until it wasn’t, and those posters are what you remember to be a lie, as the man in the white coat had no intention of making you feel comfortable. Yes, they tried and failed, and that’s what makes you think about those visits while experiencing a strange sensation of hatred towards those tidy and neat places. It’s just so overly clean, right?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way, as the new generation is no longer scared, and the trauma you may have experienced as the kid is no longer there. Why is that? Well, the new world of children using technology in the young age had brought you the idea of something called psychology of emojis. Kids find out about the small icons at the beginning and that’s what is initially so interesting about the phones and tablets. All the kids want to see the emojis, which was partially the reason they were so hyped about the Emoji movie this summer. It’s just the idea of those emojis being brought to them that makes them feel comfortable around it, and the doctors figured that one out as the modern era of medicine brings out the sociology as the main subject. Back to the emojis, and their influence, this time, they decided to test out if the kids would feel comfortable when they put on something other than a basic white or blue scrub, and guess what, it did.

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It began with the cartoon characters, but soon it changed into something else, as these cartoon characters were no longer enough. So, the doctors decided to put on the emojis, and see how that will affect the outcome. Well, the emojis were basics, something that you can find in your recently used emoji collection, but still, it did a trick.

Join us as we present you top two emoji themed ideas doctor brought to life recently.

Isn’t this awesome. Emoji themed scrub featuring the emojis kids love, starting from the lipstick emoji to the diamond emoji, and the selection of the different emotion revealing icons that make us feel safe around the scary idea of the doctors and the sickness.

This type of scrub is not accepted anywhere, but for the example, it comes in quite handy when you happen to be a dentist, or when you’re a nurse so one can at least use it in that manner. After all, it’s not like you need it on all the time, but only for a few moments that are crucial, like the adaptation period, until the child feels calm enough and safe to share the idea of something you may use when diagnosing.

These can also be find in the nursery, so from day one these babies are adapted to the sight of the icons that changed the world. It’s no wonder all those kids know pretty much everything from the day they’re born. Emojis ask for the attention, and for the creative mind of a young child, it’s crucial, especially if you’re looking to have a unique character. Each kid will relate to a different emoji on the scrub, and eventually you will no longer have to force them to come in, as they’ll trust you to be interesting, with a different set of emojis on your shirt. Trust us, it’s not only about the emoji being the part of the design, but the mere fact that all those different emojis will attract attention, and of nothing even an adult wishes to see all of them, to count which one of them is used, and to see if some of them are modified, if they belong to a different company. Emojis do spark interest, and an emoji themed scrub is definitely something each child wants to see.

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Being a surgeon is not an easy job, and no matter what people say, it’s even harder to manage when you happen to be working with children. Kids notice everything, and even a scrub hat is examined with their eyes. If nothing, surgeons do have the liberty of choosing a scrub hat of their own, and often you’ll see different styles and different themes even though they all have one purpose. Well, an emoji themed scrub hate we present is more than good, as the selection of a different types of emojis is not just to impress the kids, it’s also to make the patient feel safe and if nothing to relax before the surgery. As for the work environment, emoji themed scrub hats are a good choice as well, as they make you feel good, whether you’re the one who wears it or the one assisting the surgeon with that style choice.

Why would the doctor job be scary when it can be fun? Emojis make the world better place, and the doctors do the same so why the fuss. All aspects of life should include emojis.