Emoji for stressed

Emoji for stressed

In today’s rapid world, the weight of stress affects many, leading to various health and mental challenges. Disrupted sleep and heightened anxiety levels are just a few of the negative outcomes. However, modern communication tools offer a silver lining. Emojis, those vibrant symbols in our messages, have become a way to convey feelings, especially when … Read more

Laughing Emoji: How to Use and Respond

Laughing Emoji - A woman texting over phone

The tiny symbols we use over social media, especially the laughing emojis, have become the universal language of joy, amusement, and humor. They’ve bridged the gap between words and emotions, allowing us to convey feelings with just a tap on our screens. Laughing emojis, in particular, have become an essential element in our texting. Whether … Read more

20 Ways To Use 🖤 Black Heart Emoji

In the world of digital communication, emojis have become an integral part of expressing our emotions and adding a touch of creativity to our messages. One such popular emoji is the black heart emoji, which carries a unique meaning and can evoke various emotions depending on its usage. In this article, we’ll explore over 20 … Read more

What Does 🥰 Mean from a Girl?

Emojis have revolutionized the way we communicate in the digital world, adding a touch of creativity and emotion to our messages. One emoji that stands out in conveying affection and warmth is 🥰. This adorable and expressive emoji holds various meanings, each representing different facets of emotions. In this article, we will dive into the … Read more

New emojis coming up in 2018

The world will never be the same, not with the emoji collection around. The world of communication, the way we text, the way we express our feelings for one another is defined by these icons we call emojis. Cute, miniature pixelated versions of our emotions placed inside our phones are there to make everything seem … Read more

Emojis and Medicine

Yes, it gets scary at the times, as doctors are not the people we wish to see that often. It’s not them it’s what they represent, and as far as we’re concerned no matter how white that coat seems, it’s still not a representation of an angel, and we know why. Nobody wishes to be … Read more

Burger emoji hype continues

It may be a while since we updated you on what’s happening, but in the world of technology and emojis in general, both Apple and Android versions are generally accepted by the public, so when something like this happens, everyone seems to be interested. Last time we checked Google SEO vowed to make things different … Read more

Top 10 emojis in USA

It must be that time of the year when all of us reach for the results to see if anything changed. Well, Apple made sure we have something concerning emojis as well. Now we have the list of emojis that took this year, the ones everyone used frequently. Ever wondered if you’re basic when it … Read more

Nurse Lee and her contribution to the emoji collection

It may sound easy, coming up with the new emoji, but the ideas like these aren’t easy when it comes to the reality, and Nurse Rachel Lee knew it, but the point is, sometimes, most of the times, we simply overlook the real issues in order to satisfy others, and that’s where this story comes … Read more