Jamie Oliver’s new emoji included recipe chatbot

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a fan of cooking, as you’re definitely a fan food, for if you weren’t you would probably be dead by now. Even if you aren’t a fan of culinary shows, Jamie Oliver is a name you remember all the delicious recipes by, and not only your mum mentions him quite often but she also follows him on Facebook, and often decides to try out some of the new things he offers as the part of the entertainment, but admit it, the food he presents looks just as delicious, so we cannot complain.

Marketing is everything, says pretty much everyone, and for someone as famous as Jamie Oliver, promotion is also an important part of the job, even if he happens to already have a solid fan base, he still is to reach them when he wants something sold, and what better way than through the social network. We cannot blame him, as everyone else does it, and it’s not like he can simply send out samples of his recipes to the people worldwide, but hey, there are plenty of ways to reach even the countries one would never expect to have fans in.

So, the thing is, Jamie Oliver is publishing a new book, and it’s all fun and games, given it includes dishes you can make with up to 5 ingredients, so if you consider cooking lessons, this book does seem like an awesome starter pack, and if not, it still is something you can get for your mother or aunt, as one can never get enough of Oliver’s quick and easy recipes, and even if they can, well, they’re missing a hell of a delicious food. None should deprive themselves of the food, wouldn’t you agree?

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The trick with this book, however, is that it will be available on Facebook and Messenger, which is a good thing, but as everything else, it has something to it, and you must wonder what is it? What’s up with the recipes on Facebook, and how can a recipe be revolutionized? Given recipes have been around since beginning of time, one can barely understand the importance, but that’s not the point as the fact how influential Facebook is should be itself is enough for you to contemplate. If the recipes are this modernized, what will happen to the rest of us?

Well, guess what. They are, at least as far as Jamie Oliver is concerned, as the new recipes include emojis along with the instructions. Genius, right? That’s what we thought you’d say, after you contemplate on how educated on emoji is your aunt and when can you tell if she messed up. The answer is up to you, but it shouldn’t be a bad thing, as long as the older population finds a way to get to the bottom of it, and if not, then, we hope this idea will live on, or at least be simplified enough for everyone to understand.

Well, to get to the bottom of it, the idea itself was already utilized by spice brand Schwartz but the realization of it didn’t go just as well. It all comes back to the technicality of the idea, and so, we’ll give our best to explain it, after all, it’s not like we’ll receive the recipe in emojis, but rather assisted by emojis, and given most of these emojis should be something we use anyway, the idea itself looks like something we could live by, as long as it’s as clear as presented on the main page.

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It all operates as a chatbot, and the user is to decide on the recipe as well, which gives you the freedom and one can only google if the emoji seems like something he doesn’t recognize, which shouldn’t happen, not as far as Jamie Oliver is concerned, so if you happen to be a fan keep on reading to see what happens once you decide to get started, as the idea itself is to make things easier and fun for everyone who needs to cook something and is limited when it comes to the ingredients, so that’s where the chatbot comes in, to help you find your recipe within seconds.

This gets you as far as it does, and given the choices are limited, do not expect something complicated, after all, it’s just to promote a book, but hey, if you find it cool, texting the certain emoji to receive a recipe, go ahead, we assure you that you won’t regret it, and if nothing, you’ll get a fun recipe that you can screenshot and share with your friends. Everyone loves to have a laugh and emojis do help, especially if one is to do something that requires you to be serious.

Also, it’s not just about the food, or the certain choices you make, the chatbot also hides a few tricks up his sleeve, and if you’re wondering what those may be, well, make yourself comfortable, as this is way better than you imagined it to be. If you send a car emoji, you’ll get a snack recommendation, and sometimes that’s all we need to be happy. It’s definitely an awesome idea to begin with, but will it last, we’re yet to see, and how will it all play out for our aunts is a question of time.

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Still, you have to admit that the use of food emojis like this is an idea you’ve been waiting for, if nothing then for the satisfaction it brings and the hype all of us feel. Emoji language should definitely be a thing, but given most of us still fail to decide on the common definitions, we should at least start with introducing emojis to our lives in this way. Jamie Oliver seems like a fun guy with food emojis and everything, and if nothing, we can finally pretend to be interested in cooking with all the emojis on the table.