Future with sound included emojis

As most of use cannot imagine a life without a certain emojis in description to our posts and as an addition to our texts, it’s safe to say emojis in a way became a powerful way to communicate, so whether you want to reach public or influence people, emoji collection is a must, an addition we all know and love. Emojis have been around for quite a while, and as everything else, they too have their own evolution. Nowadays, the number of acknowledged emojis is way too big for use to comprehend if we use it or not, but that’s not what this evolution is about. We’re talking huge, as the most of us believed the next big thing is personalized emoji, or our avatar emoji. Well, what if we told you the next step in the evolution is sound. We all know emojis are awesome icons we use daily, but do they really represent the way feel at the certain point. Well, the new project is all about the sound, and it started as the Skype addition for Valentine’s Day but it soon enough, people started wondering if perhaps one can use it in a different way, or if we can get an emoji like voice messages. In a way, Animoji project answered our prayers, but is it really what we need or is it just the pilot. Is there more to come?

As far as we’re concerned, the path is clear. Now, all we need to is wait for others to accept it, so join us as we present you with the beginnings of the new era, the world to come, where you’ll have everything expressed throughout the emoji collection, and even more, emoji collection will talk on your behalf. Seems like a bright new world, wouldn’t you agree? All those voice mails to be spiced up with the emoji collection. Sounds like a deal, especially for those who happen to resent their voice.

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It all started with Skype and the Valentine’s Day, as Paul McCartney created the set of emojis used to express love, with a certain music played within it, so as expected, people instantly liked it, even though, most of us used the regular ones again, this idea was something we tried on, and as far as everyone else was concerned it worked. Sound is something emojis weren’t famous for, yet it was comforting to see some of those dreams come true, as well as the idea of sound emojis being the second best this technology has to offer. Starting off with the birds and the melodies we forwarded to our crush, Skype became the pioneer in the new era of emoji technology, and we couldn’t forget the fact we still received these sound infused emojis, even if they were rather simple, they still made us smile, from the random balloons to the birds singing, Valentine’s Day seemed like a magic, and we knew there’s more to it that just the birds singing. Some even argued what could be changed and soon we all were involved in the story of how the future may look with this new innovation.  Most of the people liked the concept, so all we need is to wait for someone else to try it out, and guess what, they did. Who did it first?

Snapchat, of course, as the new Bitmoji effect gave the insights of what the world may look like when avatars come to life. Most of the users admitted the idea to a phenomenon that described much more than just a habits we all share. It was a certain revolution, and even though a limited one, it still was a presentation, something we are to expect in the years to come. Bitmoji effect included the scenes we set in the real world with our camera, and our avatar characters doing the most mundane things such as drinking water, studying, driving the car, but the concept remained the same. Emojis in the real world. Our cartoon versions playing a joke on us still is the best thing someone could come up with. Admit it, you too used it just as much as we did, whether to describe fun while at home, or when bored, the result was the same, you proved emoji world does need a reformation, and what came next was the confirmation of those affirmations. Apple finally decided to something about it, and while people who avoid iPhones are still to wait a few years to get it, the idea is already out there.

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Animoji certainly proved the world is filled with wonders, and while Bitmoji was more focused on the idea of mundane things, Apple took thing to the new level and we have to agree it made sense. Emojis that imitated our face expressions, spoke differently were definitely something that we liked instantly. Yes, it’s a long road ahead before these reach social networks we use, but hey, the fact somebody made it come through it enough, as now you no longer have to worry whether it’s just a dream or not. Recent apple convention presented Animoji as the future of emoji collection, and while most of us still hold onto the classics, it won’t be long before we accept the idea, after all, it’s about the change we want to see in the world of technology. Animoji may have still to be improved, but the fact it’s already out there is probably enough for us to be satisfied, as well as the idea of these being implemented on Instagram or Facebook. Yes, for now we have to use it within the borders of Apple message all, but hey, it won’t be long before we see it come to life in other sectors. It may not be just as developed in the next few years but the new world is here, and all we can do is adjust to the tide, go with the flow, whatever you find suitable.