Nurse Lee and her contribution to the emoji collection

It may sound easy, coming up with the new emoji, but the ideas like these aren’t easy when it comes to the reality, and Nurse Rachel Lee knew it, but the point is, sometimes, most of the times, we simply overlook the real issues in order to satisfy others, and that’s where this story comes to play.

Emojis are the thing we are used to by now, and even if we avoid using them for a while, we cannot deny they make life way easier, and the communication itself clear enough. When it comes to the emojis we actually use in the collection, well, there we canot argue, but as far as most of us are concerned, at least 500 of those emojis will never be used, and we cannot even argue why, as we all know there are some icons that’ll never fit the context, and we can do nothing about it. Anyways, the idea itself is admirable one, and emojis shaped the world as we know it, leaving us baffled with their power, and the power of the modern world. Not to forget the fact last year, emoji was even proclaimed to the word of the year, and now, people are discussing possible scenarios, if emoji collection is to be accepted as the common language. Long road lies ahead, but still, it’s nice to have this though in our heads. No matter how abundant the collection is, one cannot deny there are a few things missing, and each year, Apple makes sure new emojis are added to the Unicode, as other follow up with the tradition, adding their own versions, we must agree that most of the times, communication would be quite hard, and that’s where these emojis come to rescue.

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Whether you happen to be baffled with the idea of new emojis coming your way, you certainly believe there should be more as that’s the only way some people can get out of the conversation. Books are being translated into emoji language, people are being dazzled with the idea of small icons affection our world that much, but what most of us addicts think about, is probably the new set of emojis which was released with the new Apple update. What’s it all about? Well, for that, you’ll need to read another article, as this one is focused on the certain emoji and the woman behind it.

We all whisper about the emojis we’d like to exist but most of the times, we only dream of it, with no actual action to back it all up. Well, Rachel Lee is not that type of the person. In her case, a particular emoji was to be added to the collection even if some find it embarrassing. Which one?

Well, you must’ve heard about the breast feeding emoji, and the hype that it brought to the young mothers, as most of them wonder if they should post the photo on Instagram without a proper description, or how to respond to the message of that old friend, if busy with the child. Definitely worthy of their wait, as Lee made sure we get this emoji as well. For Rachel Lee, it’s all about the personal freedom, and it’s no wonder most of the young mothers agree with the idea. Breast feeding is something that we all should be adjusted to, something that should be an awkward topic, or the sight at the mall. We all once were babies, and we all once had a mother, so at least we should pay respect to the women, the ones that bring us to this world.

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“Especially with all the moms I work for, I know that they are really busy and, in the neonatal unit, they are really busy just looking after their little ones,” Lee said for CNN.

Furthermore, the proposal itself was what worried Lee, as she wasn’t sure if everyone else will agree with the idea, but soon she found out the support is to be expected from pretty much anyone with a clear mind, and what made us all happy was the thought that this no longer is Stone Age, and now we can finally feel as if we belong to the modern world, as emojis are what defines us, one way or another.

“Breastfeeding in public is not really a thing,” Lee said for CNN. “There are a lot of people who still have very negative things to say about that and think that women should be doing that behind closed doors, that it’s meant to be a private thing. By putting it out there in society, more people will talk about it.”

Well, as far as we’re concerned the idea itself is to be admired, and with the new addition to the collection, we too believe breastfeeding will be accepted as normal in public places, after all, it’s definitely something we are to see one way or another.

When asked about the original idea, Lee also stated this idea came from the fact that she checked the collection for baby themed emojis, and found it, a baby emoji with a bottle of milk, which made her thing about the alternative, and as these things go, the idea itself was what other liked, and the important part of the job was done. Addition of the breast feeding emoji is something we all anticipated and now we finally have it, along with the new emojis.

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One can never get enough of these small icons, wouldn’t you agree? We’re still to see if Rachel Lee is to come up with something new and exciting for all of us, but until then, breastfeeding emoji is definitely a breakthrough when it comes to this type of emojis, and while you wait for the new emojis to be added to the collection, make sure to check out this awesome new emoji and use it the next time you encounter a situation that deserves it.