List of new emojis in Emoji 4.0 

Complete list of emojis in Emoji 4.0

Emoji version 4.0 released on November 28, 2016 with over 600 fresh emojis. Blond-haired man and woman joined the blond-haired person emoji after 6 years. The introduction of male and female symbol paved the path for faster emoji generation with just zero-width-joiner element.

Staff of Aesculapius was introduced as medical symbol emoji that was later used in the formulation of doctor emoji. Several expressions like frowning, pouting, shrugging, bowing, raising hand, OK and No were also added. 20 professions, including judge, pilot, scientist, artist, teacher, singer, health worker, factory worker, office worker, cook, mechanic, farmer, guard in both genders, made it to the list.

A number of outdoor sports emojis like running, weight lifting, biking, mountain biking, swimming, surfing, golfing in both the genders were the fresh inductees. Let’s go through the complete list of 603 new inclusions: