Animals and Nature 

Animals and Nature Emojis


Flora and fauna are the spirit of our planet. This list is comprised of animals, birds, reptiles, plants and aquatic life.


Many animals are featured in full profile. Animals like dog reminds us of love and friendship. Dinosaurs tell the tales of the Jurassic era while dragon emoji takes us to fantasy land.


Emojis of bird that keep the sky lively are also shown. Some birds like swan and flamingo symbolizes love while owl is associated with bad luck in many parts of the world.

Aquatic Life

Aquatic life that play an important role in maintaining a balance in our ecosystem are also actualized.


Plants keep the section green while flowers help decorate it.


Explore the space and solar system with the nature emojis.


And stay updated and prepared for snow, heat and rain with weather emojis.

Other elements

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