Famous Emoji Tattoos

There’s one thing that’s common for every language in the world, every keyboard used, and every message sent. We all know how to use them, at least the basic ones, as emojis are something that simply never go out of fashion, they’re the universal statement that sometimes, you just need to transfer your emotions, to fully convey a message. We use them all the time, and sometimes even use them instead of text, so what’s the next step in your obsession with this little icons, you wonder?

Well, there is something that takes this to a whole new level, and if you’re fan of tattoos, this new trend will definitely be something you ought to do, as soon as possible. Number of celebrities already practices it, and while it may be hard to pick the one emoji that will tell a story, engraved in your skin. Whether it’ll be a cute basic smiley tattoo, or something that will tell us more about you on a personal level, or something to honor that new relationship of yours, or any symbol that represents some of your moments, or emotions, emoji tattoo is something that you definitely should have in mind.

So, let’s take a look at some of the famous that decided to tattoo these little icons onto their skin, permanently, and while the rest of us can only admire it from a far, as parents are almost never supportive of these things, it still makes it for a great story to share with your friends, as these celebs simply decided on this, to either share something, or cherish their love for the tattoos in general. Well, we don’t care and as long as it gets us the permission from our parents, we’ll do it as well.

Image Source: Instagram

The first one that we decided to mention, is definitely Miley Cyrus, and one of the singers that openly admitted her love for emojis, as well as the tattoos, so prepare for a shock as her new tattoo is all about the emojis, literally, Miley decided to tattoo a sad kitten face emoji on her inner lower lip, and while we definitely wouldn’t dare to do it, we kind of admit that she does make it look easy so the next time, we may not ask for an inner lip tattoo, but we definitely should consider an emoji tattoo, right?

Image Source: Instagram

Also one of the celebs, singer Drake, decided that emojis are the great way to express, and while his praying hands emoji tattoo may be a bit controversial, given that nowadays people question the real meaning behind it, and the theories vary from the worshiping of the devil to the actual tribute, it still is admirable, given the point of emojis is definitely to be a subtle way of expressing your feelings, and sometime, not everyone will understand the point, and that’s fine, as long as you know you’re going to do it, and as long as you know the meaning.

Image Source: NBCSports.com

The last one on the list, is basketball NBA player, Mike Scott, and while he is known among the internet circles as an emoji king, we must agree that his tattoos are rather impressive, so from the grimace emoji, devil face, sleeping face, this man has it all, and we may not understand the overall meaning, but still it makes it for a great show of, so whether you happen to be a fan of these, or simply a person that enjoys basketball matches, make sure, the next time you catch yourself watching a game, to check it out.

So, by the time you’ve reached our conclusion, you’ve probably considered some of these tattoos, and we must say that we don’t blame you, as in a way, this perfectly captures the new generation, raised in the virtual world, and unlike the hearts that old generations used to draw while writing the letters, thank God, this way of communication is far more superior, and interesting as well, so make sure to embrace the emoji culture, and dig a new emoji in the collection to describe your feelings considering this new tattoo trend among the celebs and common people as

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