Burger emoji hype continues

It may be a while since we updated you on what’s happening, but in the world of technology and emojis in general, both Apple and Android versions are generally accepted by the public, so when something like this happens, everyone seems to be interested.

Last time we checked Google SEO vowed to make things different and in a way we understand the interest in the matter that went viral few week ago, but since then, we still haven’t received something different and the google burger emoji is still as it is while Apple avoids any comment on the matter.

Even so, people still seem to be interested in it, even though it is relatively irrelevant, what’s going on only shows how important emojis became for our lives, and even if it’s only burger emoji we do happen to wonder if the structure itself is as it should be or whether we should comment on it or not. Some even go as far when talking about it and about how this impacts the social picture, the definition of burger ingredients itself. Well, it depends how you see it and how it should be, but the truth is that this question opened quite a lot to think about, and it’s no longer just a viral question. While we have news concerning the matter, you should also consider if this question rings a bell. Will there be an evolution when it comes to the emoji use or we’re still to wait for something like this to take place in the future.

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Emojis are irreplaceable part of our lives now, and only a fool would argue that it doesn’t matter, given all the emojis do is define the things we love and repeat time after time, and as the collection grows we all wonder if sometime soon emoji language will be accepted as the common language as well. Long road ahead for our favorite icons, so while we anticipate a brighter future, join us and see what’s going on in the burger emoji world and who is the new player you ought to think about as well.

Bet you didn’t see this one coming? Well, Google clearly has a thing when it comes to inside jokes, as this burger proves, but it’s not just about that. This is one of the rare moments where we get to see how our icons behave when transferred to real life. To some, this may be only a joke or perhaps even a great addition to the meno, something that may be worth a while, but to us, this is more personal, as now we see that icons can be easily brought to life. New versions of emojis definitely deal with similar issues while providing us with the latest versions, so it’s no wonder we all seek to understand if some of these emojis would survive when exposed to the reality, or when introduced to the world while maintaining their signature looks. Definitely not something that will work out for this burger as that cheese is way too risky to be placed like that, but still, it does make for a great reference, and definitely a great way to sell something. Viral questions still remain to be excellent way to promote your articles, and while most of us question, some decide to take the advantage out of it.

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Snapchat certainly does know how to make fun of everyone else, as their recent addition seemed to troll the question itself. Their version of burger included completely messed up order of ingredients, and one cannot tell if they’re siding with Apple or Google on this one. Well, it certainly is fun while it lasts, given Snapchat seems to be getting something out of it already, and while we’re still talking about marketing, we also must consider the fact that some simply know which type of viral content is worth a while and which is to be disregarded. Their version of burger features something everybody would agree is just wrong, but hey, it’s Snapchat which means they know what’s up, and we’re only to oblige. If not, we can avoid the viral content altogether, but we all know that this is practically impossible, just as impossible as the idea of skipping on the emoji collection when texting. Snapchat made sure the message was loud and clear. It’s all about the fun and games when it comes to emojis, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Bitmoji edition of this event is to be thrown into mix or not. Either way, we must agree that it does make for one hell of a meme, wouldn’t you agree?

What is more fascinating about the whole story, is that not even political issues were publicized as this, which made some people wonder what is it that we care about, and if it’s really worth it. Nevertheless, while Fox News covered the debate on the burger emoji, people were interested which gives away the idea on how important emojis became in our lives, and if not then how huge it all is at this particular moment. We know Google CEO thinks it’s quite an issue but we’re still to see if the new version will beat the Apple version of the emoji, after all, Apple is the trustworthy when it comes to these icons even though we’re not sure all of the emojis represent what they should.

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What’ll happen next? We’re still to see, but one thing is for sure, there is no way you can avoid emoji related headlines nowadays, which is a good thing when you think about it, after all, emoji wars are still way better than the actual wars, and as long as we focus on the positive thoughts, we are to have positive life, which is the most important detail about the debate itself. Stay positive, use emojis, and only argue when it comes to the virtual issues as other issues are simply not worthy of your time.