Top 10 emojis in USA

It must be that time of the year when all of us reach for the results to see if anything changed. Well, Apple made sure we have something concerning emojis as well. Now we have the list of emojis that took this year, the ones everyone used frequently.

Ever wondered if you’re basic when it comes to the emoji use? Well, now you’ll find out as the emojis we’re going to comment on are the emojis that were used this year and are proclaimed to be the ones everyone seems to have in its recent collection.

As you’ve probably noticed the face with the tears of joy is still dominating the market. Wonder why? Well, the idea is rather simple, as most of us tend to overuse this emoji in completely different pattern, but the results are the same. Just as this emoji was proclaimed to be the word of the year in Oxford Dictionary last year, this poll shows that the usage is just as frequent this year, and we cannot complain, even though most of us expected it to be something different, but hey, we’re still stuck with this convenient emoji, and we’re yet to prove if we can get rid of it.

Red heart emoji is pretty basic one, but given the interpretations one should definitely consider this emoji to be the universal sign of love and friendship, so what’s there to expect than for it to be number two on the list, along with all of these emojis we frequently use. When in doubt, make sure you put one of these in play, as you can never go wrong with the red heart emoji, whether it’s the love you’re aiming for or the thank you note for your mother. Red heart emoji definitely deserved the spot.

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Crying face emoji is placed third on the list, and given we all experience some sort of anxiety with the University and school in general, it’s no wonder this emoji took the place, as it conveniently sets us off to the new era, where all of our feelings are expressed through these small icons, and if nothing than to face the idea that sometimes we all need to come face to face to the sadness that defines us. Emojis seem to be the least painful solution, wouldn’t you agree?

Well, smiling face with heart eyes is definitely an emoji that deserved a spot on the list given it’s not only the universal sign for love, but also an icon we all use to capture the material things we happen to develop feelings for. Whether it is to comment on shoes or to capture the new dress we happen to receive, this emoji is definitely something. It’s used frequently by both males and females, and we can see why even though we may not understand how universal this emoji is, but hey, as long as it keeps everyone happy, we too agree that it’s just as awesome as they say.

Face blowing a kiss emoji is just one of the emojis that we use when greeting someone, and it’s usually used either to flirt or to communicate with close relatives. Anyway, the place it took on the list says it all, and in a way we agree as it makes sense that this emoji is among frequently used ones. We too have it in in our recently used emojis collection, and if anyone asks, we don’t use it as much, after all, this emoji is just as basic as the red heart emoji is, but just as effective when it comes to pretty much everyone.

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Face with rolling eyes emoji is something we acquired recently and one of the emojis we prefer using, although people often mistake it for thinking face emoji, even though it makes no sense, but still, it’s relatively new so it’ll take some time before we adjust ourselves to the idea.

Skull emoji is one of the emojis on the list that most us use when listening to rock music or something slightly more gothic, or recently when talking about Halloween and things that are a bit more scarier than we want them to be, but in any case, it makes for a great emoji when in need of something slightly different.

Blushing face emoji is the eight one on the list and in a way it makes it for one of the emojis we all use only when absolutely necessary given it is relatively an emoji that represents us being ashamed of something, which just isn’t as pleasant as we’d like to think, but still, as long as you use it, it’ll be among the others on the list so, be not ashamed, everyone does it.

Weary face emoji takes up the number nine on the list, and when you think about it, it makes sense, as you’ve probably used this one when stressing about the upcoming exam or any sort of problem, or when you’re simply a drama queen so you decide to use it often even though you aren’t really into it. Given this emoji signalizes that you’ve given up, the thought itself is enough for you to comprehend. If nothing then avoid overusing it as some may interpret it differently and then you’ll have the real problem to deal with alongside the weary face emoji being among the ones you use frequently.

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As for the thinking face emoji which takes number 10 on the list, one may notice that this emoji is becoming more and more popular among the modern crowd, as we all tend to use it as much as we can, and when it comes to the situation that we simply cannot define, this emoji does seem like a great option. After all, that’s what thinking face is all about, as none of us are really certain when it comes to some things, and these small icons do help every now and then, wouldn’t you agree?