Halloween emojis

Well, the season is already here, and one cannot escape the signs. Autumn weather may be what most of us avoid, still the hype around everyone’s second favorite holiday already changed the way we text, describe photos on Instagram, or pretty much anything that includes emojis. We all know emojis dictate the way we feel, and given the season is yellowish, it’s hard to ignore all those emojis we usually fail to use. Since most of us tend to be basic when it comes to such things, it’s a good thing there’s this time of the year, when anything is allowed, and none should judge you for it.

Whether it is you decide use it or not, Halloween themed emojis will find their way to the list of your recently used emojis. Perhaps you use it the wrong way, or you simply want to make a point when in group chat, or you cannot tell if that particular emoji is used in that way. Either way, you should at least know what are they all used for, and if not to use them, then to understand when you see one, or when your mum texts you one by mistake.

Join us as we break down some of these Halloween themed emojis so your heart can be at ease the next time you use it.

No, it’s not some random smiling pumpkin emoji, or the creepy pumpkin emoji. Jack O’ Lantern emoji is definitely something with a history with the ties to both Irish and English tradition. It makes sense, as you already know, carved pumpkin is nothing without a candle in it, and as far as the Halloween goes, it’s definitely something hard to miss, Of course, people take it to a whole new level, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing nor does it mean that you too should have it carved. Jack O’ Lantern is also known as Will O’ Lantern, but the name isn’t as important, as long as you know what it has been associated with. One way or another, it’ll be used in the season to come, weather to scare someone, or to make plans, this emoji is definitely a good pick for the weather. After all, even if Halloween isn’t your favorite holiday, you cannot deny everything about it is rather awesome and interesting. The pumpkin emoji itself is not enough, but this strange combination of fear and happiness does inspire you to do something about your creative skills. As far as the story behind the emoji goes, well, Jack was either a thief who tricked Satan or he was a thief who made Satan promise not to take his soul. In both of these stories, Jack ends up stuck in the carved figures, and Halloween does seem like a time of the year for him to reappear. If a man is banned from both heaven and hell, what would one expect from him other than to be a ghost and hunt everyone else in their dreams, right? If nothing, Jack does have an emoji of his own, which most of us cannot brag about.

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Oh, my…that’s a scary one. Spiders, however, are awesome creatures, but it’s not just that they’re known for being dangerous, but people generally associate them with Halloween, and everything else that reminds them of black magic, which in a way if unfair to these creatures, but hey, it’s not about them, it’s about the Halloween themed things, and if it’s generally accepted they’re scary, one must agree on it. If not, then, you should at least be aware of the fact these creatures are easily imitated on the skin, which still makes them better than that pregnant Kylie Jennet costume everyone else seems to favor this year. Spiders are, after all, highly intelligent and attractive creatures, and their web is something we too would love to check out.

Vampires have been the best thing about Halloween for ages, and while we still haven’t found a way to use this emoji when texting, it’s definitely worth a trouble this year, if you happen to be one of those who dress up as vampires, and if not, you can still use this emoji when commenting on your cousin’s outfit this year. Either way, one can never go wrong when it comes to this emoji, and the legend says, Dracula is a fan of it just as everyone else. You wouldn’t want to disappoint those fangs in the nights to come, right?

Whether you happen to be one of the false prophets, or simply fond of shiny things, this emoji is already something you use. It doesn’t have to be for the fact that you believe into anything this item says, but for the fact that any version of this particular emoji is awesome as it is, and using it is not a problem. It doesn’t have to be for Halloween, yet still, we all kind of associate it with the idea of a witch, and if you’re a fan of such things, you probably already know what are we talking about, and if not, well, then at least use it properly.

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Definitely our favorite emoji, this skull is however, often associated with something relatively scary and something that we should avoid, which in its core makes no sense, as skull is also something that we use when defining someone or something slightly strange in its appearance or when letting people know we to watch Bones. In any case, this Halloween themed emoji is used widely, but hey, Halloween too is something strange so it’s okay.

Well, this emoji is something we all used this year and it’s not only that we enjoyed the movie, but also to keep things a bit creepier that they should be. Ideal emoji to be used on Halloween, especially if you too, decide on the clown costume that marked this year in cinema, and if not, emoji should do just as well.