List of emojis in Emoji 2.0 

Complete list of Emoji version 2.0

We received the second installment of the emojis in November 2015. Several hand gestures like folded, open, raised, raising, victory, waving were added. While Emoji 1.0 formulated the skin tones, Emoji 2.0 put them in use. And all the human related emojis released in this update had the five skin variants.

Skin tone modifier added variation to different age groups like baby, boy, girl, man, woman, old man and old woman. Professionals like police officers, guard, construction worker and detective were represented in the emoji characters. Family emojis now includes proper gender annotations of parents and kids. Kiss emoji with all three gender variations were added. Beloved Santa also decorated the update.

Without further ado, let’s check all the 348 new emojis:

Gestures and Parts of Body