Snapchat Emoji Meanings 

Snapchat emoji meanings

Lately, Snapchat became the best way to keep in touch with your friends, share a photo from your life and all that without thinking about the consequences. How is that possible? Well, Snapchat’s platform lets you send a disappearing photos called snaps, that let you limit the receiver with the time. Of course Snapchat lets you do a variety of other things, like applying cool effects on your face directly or keeping a track with your friends on a Snapchat map. The best thing about Snapchat are levels you can reach with a number of people. So feel free to join us as we explain the most popular Snapchat emoji’s and what is it that they represent.

Snapchat Friends Emoji

Everyone’s favorite, this cute little baby emoji is the second best things a Snapchat offers. Once you add a new friend, and they accept you, adding Read More
Well this cool face emoji isn’t some dude that wears sunglasses in every snap. It actually stands next to a name of a person with whom you share one Read More
Awkward face emoji? Not really, this grimacing face may make you feel awkward but will also warn you. How exactly one emoji can warn you? Well, this e Read More
Talking about the awkward? This emoji is the worst thing that can happen to your snap friend. Some people snap more than you do and you snap someone m Read More
Isn’t this an emoji we all want to see? Technically, yes, as this emoji represents one of your top friends and we all know how short that list is on Read More
This one is an accomplishment of the year emoji. Oh, no, not literally but it sure is something important as more and more people obsess over these sm Read More
This is a Gold Star emoji, one of the favorites as it shows next to a name of popular friend. How is it exactly that the Snapchat knows who is popular Read More
The Yellow heart emoji? This one officially represents the first lever of famous friendship circle on Snapchat. Once you find that special someone you Read More
The Red BF emoji? This is the next level of a Snapchat friendship circle. It does require a certain dedication as it lets you attain over a course of Read More
The Super BFF emoji is not an easy task and requires more than a friendship. The ultimate level of friendship circle a Snapchat offers is attained by Read More

Snapchat Fruits Emoji

Pineapple emoji? No, it doesn’t mean someone likes pineapples, well it could mean that, but according to the newest Snapchat rule, it doesn’t. It Read More
So she likes cherries? No, Well, she may like cherries, but that isn’t what she meant by putting that emoji next to her name. As far as the Snapchat Read More
An apple emoji? She must be a vegetarian. We wouldn’t say so. Well, Snapchat wouldn’t. This green apple emoji represents that a user is engaged. A Read More
Yes, you guessed it. The banana emoji means she isn’t available anymore. You met her way too late as this girl has been married for quite a while an Read More
No, This doesn’t mean she likes those avocados you decided to eat every morning. Unfortunately, according to Snapchat emoji dictionary, this avocado Read More
Strawberry lover? Well, nothing like that. According to Snapchat, this emoji actually means she or he is having some trouble finding their Mr or Ms Ri Read More
Lemon emoji? What could that possibly mean? Well, we hope you aren’t her current boyfriend, as this emoji doesn’t bring a good news. It actually m Read More
Chestnut emoji? You wonder if that engaged girl you have on Snapchat may have changed her mind. Well, no, she didn’t. This emoji means even more, it Read More
Ever wondered what that blue dot next to your friend’s name means? Well, according to Snapchat, this blueberry emoji means your friend is single for Read More
Red dot emoji? What’s that for? A warning? Well, according to Snapchat it just may be that, it could warn you of potential players. How is that poss Read More

Snapchat Zodiac Emoji

Aries emoji? It did show up at you friend’s info once you clicked on it when you wanted to check if they improved with their Snapchat score. Well, n Read More
No way. That cute boy you met at the park is Taurus, same as you. Well, thank you Snapchat, this feature is way more helpful that that Smap map. Once Read More
Well who would have thought that sweet neighbor was a Gemini, just like your best friend. This emoji option lets you check that out on Snapchat, simpl Read More
Who would’ve said your friend was a cancer. This Snapchat emoji does clear out on some of her emotional distress, although, you weren’t sure wheth Read More
Leo emoji? Seriously, like who would have guessed that irrelevant cousin of your mother, that stalks you all the time on every social network, is in f Read More
You saw that one right. Snapchat shows the Virgo emoji next to your promiscuous friend. Well, that’s awkward. Now, you’ll have to get ready to los Read More
Remember that one friend you always thought was born in December? Well, thanks to Snapchat, you don’t have to stress out about any of that, not any Read More
What about that Sorpius emoji? You must have someone born between October 24th and November 22nd. We know you do. Well, thanks to this Snapchat featur Read More
Sagittarius emoji? We bet you wondered which one that was? Well, you definitely won’t forget it now as Snapchat will show it once you tap on profile Read More
We all know this Capricorn emoji for sure as we all have that one friend that was born in the period between December 22nd and January 20th. You may Read More

Snapchat Verified Emoji

While some of us prefer to add a heel emoji when we decide to have a night out with our girls, or perhaps when we want to hint our beloved that we cou Read More
The key emoji is more popular in the common texting as a way of expressing your thoughts in a more mysterious way, but as for Snapchat concern, this e Read More
What about the koala emoji? Well, we’re sorry to inform you, but this cute emoji is already taken as it reserved by 5 seconds to Summer and stands n Read More
Lipstick emoji? One of the beloved emoji among the girls as it represents the need for makeup that all of the girls will agree on. As for the Snapchat Read More
Definitely not a favorite parent emoji as this pill emoji mainly represents drugs and is rarely used in a right contest. While Snapchat allowed this e Read More
Everyone’s favorite emoji? Ultimate win? Go no further, as someone already reserved this one and guess what, it’s one of the coolest super models Read More
You’re wondering who deserved this elegant purple emoji. Well, look no further, for Snapchat already made its mind. It’s only fair Selena Gomez ge Read More
While we have to give this emoji some credit for being one of the rare emoji we can use when distressed or in a serious situation, the situation with Read More
Although we don’t enjoy rallies as much, we use this emoji for various reasons and even though we don’t follow up with the competitions, we all kn Read More
We must agree that the rat emoji has never been used in a negative way. Especially since we saw it next to a name of Ruby Rose, our beloved feminine p Read More

Snapchat Trophy Emoji

Blue dot trophy? What does that mean? Well, according to the Snapchat new feature, it’s all about creating stories in the Memories section. So you Read More
What’s the white dot emoji all about? This trophy is easy to acquire, trust me. All you need to do is send a story that you’ve previously made in Read More
That’s one creepy emoji for a trophy list? So what do these eyes really mean? Snapchat knows, as it’s listed in the list of trophies and it repres Read More
What’s that emoji doing on the trophy list, you wonder? Well, a minidisc is something that went out of fashion years ago and we couldn’t complain, Read More
That’s one cool detective emoji there in trophies? We bet you don’t know what does it mean? It looks good though, and easy, as you didn’t notice Read More
You wonder what this means? How can you acquire this particular emoji? What does the globe emoji among your Snapchat trophies mean? Well, the new rule Read More
This seems like a cool emoji? Well, all the cool trophies are hard to acquire, and so is this one. But, don’t give up, maybe that aunt of yours will Read More
Ever wondered what that link trophy means? What do you think? It’s not an e-mail verification again, thank God but rather something way more interes Read More
Where may I get this cute little monkey emoji? Well, that’s an easy question. According to Snapchat, you get this one by sending a video with no aud Read More
So I should snap my mother while she’s baking some eggs? This emoji must be so confusing, but, trust us, if you’re a night bird it’s quite easy Read More