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Snapchat Verified emoji meanings

While some of us prefer to add a heel emoji when we decide to have a night out with our girls, or perhaps when we want to hint our beloved that we could use some shopping. As for the Snapchat users, we all know what this heal means, or more specifically, who claimed this emoji to verify their account. One of our favorite liars, actress Shay Mitchell became recognizable by this particular shoe emoji as it can be seen next to her name, verifying her account. Although, it remains unknown whether she is a shoe lover or a party girl.
The key emoji is more popular in the common texting as a way of expressing your thoughts in a more mysterious way, but as for Snapchat concern, this emoji made comeback as it was used by DJ Khaled to verify his account. We all know that DJ Khaled tends to film all sorts of things from his wife giving birth to a son, his concerts, confessions and much more. However what does this emoji actually mean? According to DJ Khaled, the key represents the famous “key to success”. Nonetheless, he is one of the favorite rappers to follow on Snapchat.
What about the koala emoji? Well, we’re sorry to inform you, but this cute emoji is already taken as it reserved by 5 seconds to Summer and stands next to their name on Snapchat. What is it that made them use this particular emoji, we may never know. But, one things is for sure, this koala emoji guarantees you will enjoy some cool snaps from the famous band. The koala may be one of the most used emoji as it represents the Australian koala that enjoy sleeping and eating leaves and that we can definitely associate with its lazy habits.
Lipstick emoji? One of the beloved emoji among the girls as it represents the need for makeup that all of the girls will agree on. As for the Snapchat side, this emoji belongs to one of our favorite pretty little liar, Ashley Benson. Famous for her beauty and style, we wouldn’t expect any less from Ashley. Once you see this emoji, you know it’s time to reconsider your makeup choices, or to buy yet another red lipstick. As for the general usage, this emoji is generally used by girls, although men use it as well, but generally not that much.
Definitely not a favorite parent emoji as this pill emoji mainly represents drugs and is rarely used in a right contest. While Snapchat allowed this emoji to an infamous rapper Schoolboy Q that openly says it represents the drugs and the pills that mess with your mind. The Snapchat version of an emoji is slightly more realistic unlike with the Facebook, that completely missed out the point when it came to this one. Well, as far as the emoji usage goes, we know this emoji can be used in various ways which ultimately is the goal of every emoji maker.
Everyone’s favorite emoji? Ultimate win? Go no further, as someone already reserved this one and guess what, it’s one of the coolest super models alive. Bella Hadid herself. As for the Snapchat profile of this lovely young lady, we all know how much people love her stories, so it’s only fair they give her the pizza emoji. After all, we only use this one when we try to persuade a friend to come over to our place instead of spending time jogging in a nearby park. As the wise man once said, pizza is the ultimate win in all situations.
You’re wondering who deserved this elegant purple emoji. Well, look no further, for Snapchat already made its mind. It’s only fair Selena Gomez gets this one, as it perfectly describes her. An elegant emoji like this one only suits a lady, and we can all agree Selena is the one that should have it next to her name. While we may use this emoji as yet another hear emoji to express our undying love for a best friend, we must agree Snapchat does have a sense of style. Purple Heart emoji also reminds us of the Selena’s relationship with Justin.
While we have to give this emoji some credit for being one of the rare emoji we can use when distressed or in a serious situation, the situation with a Snapchat on this one, is a bit different. This emoji stands next a name of infamous but lovable Justin Bieber. Who could forget his “Pray” single that made us all cry on Christmas even though Justin was never our favorite. However, we cannot deny that Bieber is not only religious but also a great humanitarian, so I think we could forgive Snapchat for giving him this emoji as a verification.
Although we don’t enjoy rallies as much, we use this emoji for various reasons and even though we don’t follow up with the competitions, we all know the name of Lewis Hamilton. If we do decide to follow him on Snapchat, we will notice this emoji is a verification next to his name. Way to go, Snapchat. All I could think of, when I saw this emoji added was definitely a driver or a car race, or something like that, and Lewis Hamilton is surely one of the top 5 in this game. So, it should be his personal emoji.
We must agree that the rat emoji has never been used in a negative way. Especially since we saw it next to a name of Ruby Rose, our beloved feminine prisoner and global teen crush. Although, Ruby has her reasons for putting this emoji next to her name, we couldn’t agree more. The sweet little rat emoji does represent the open rebellion against the world we live in and even though we’re only pieces on the board, we can at least try to live up to our idol, Ruby, who definitely deserves to have this emoji next to her name.
When you see the pink ribbon what do you think of? Well for us pink will always be associated with Paris Hilton, living style icon we all tried to copy at some stage of our teenage years. Then, it’s only fair that the pink ribbon emoji stands next to her name. Well, Snapchat made sure of that. We may still use this emoji as an addition to a great birthday message but it does kind of fits with Paris Hilton name. Even though it’s used in various situation, this pink ribbon is one the ultimate teen girl emoji used universally.
Yet another fruit emoji? Well this one is not representing just a fruit, but everything that is in definition pear-shaped. The one that attained this pear emoji to verify his account was Rick Ross, so as far as Snapchat goes, the pear represents Rick Ross. We can’t really tell if he’s just letting us know what his favorite fruit is or simply pledging his love for the pear-shaped objects, but one is sure, it sticks out next to his name and we sure will remember it as a Ross emoji in its glory, no matter the unquestionable curiosity all considered.
While we mainly use this one to make an emphasis on something really awesome like the new Starboy album we’ve been listening to on repeat, Snapchat associates this emoji with someone even more interesting. This emoji stands next to a name of a dashing beauty Emily Ratajkowski and most of the male population would probably agree that it’s only fair that she gets it. As for our personal satisfaction, we can still use this emoji regardless of the Emily’s verification as stars will never go out of fashion. So the next time that song hits you, give her a star.
The Clapboard emoji may not be the commonly used one, at least not in the positive way. We use this emoji as an addition to our photo shooting we decide to post on Instagram or something, But Snapchat gave this one away to the famous Ryan Sea-crest. Well, now when you think about, it only makes sense that he gets it, as this television host and producer gives a whole new dimension to the clapboard emoji, with his American Idol history as basically everything that he puts his hands on involves limelight and provides a ground for a new superstar.
Clapping hands emoji? Although this one may be more popular among the youth for its slightly sarcastic meaning, this emoji stands next to one of the modern legends in music history. Yes, Snapchat got it right once again. No one was more deserving of this one than Zedd, as all we can do while listening to this music is to either dance heavily or clap your hands, and even a shy one can find courage to do that. Every time, you decide on checking out their Snapchat story, be sure to remember, it’s all about the fun with this one.
What about this emoji? Crescent moon is famous for many reasons, but the main reason is the coolest Snapchat username currently held by Ariana Grande. While we all dwell on the fact that she came up with the moonlight bae image all by herself, we must appreciate the originality of this idea. This emoji had no specific meaning before she turned it into the globally popular one. Now, you’ll see people using this one to express their inner emo. Although, you can always use it when you see the actual crescent moon but hey, you can still remain a mystery.
The queen of the modern society emoji? While this crown mostly reminds us of the old Disney cartoons, we must admit, that we all see it quite often on Snapchat. It stands next to a superstar Kylie Jenner and we can all agree that it really suits her. Whether we stalk her once a month, a day or every hour, it doesn’t matter. Kyle Jenner is a queen of the social media and a social media queen does need a crown even if that crown is only an emoji, we still enjoy seeing it next to our favorite teen idol.
Originally, this emoji represented the lottery and one could even threaten the other with it. The depts. They had to be paid and the dice was the move you made yourself. As the emoji’s became the verification for the famous, rapper Chance wasted no time to get it and so it stands, next to his name, ironically representing his love for lottery and his stage name at the same time. One thing is for sure, the dice emoji isn’t what it used to be and we cannot complain. After all the chance you can cheat with a dice are thin.
We all love seeing this one although it often doesn’t mean your father decided to buy you that new phone you saw, even though he did sent this when you asked for money. When it comes to Snapchat, this dollar emoji stands next to Fetty Wap name, so he was the first one to request it. If only you were eligible for that one, or your dad. That would’ve made things easier. But hey, you can still troll a friend with this emoji, for everyone loves a money jokes. Just look at this emoji, man, I can dream peacefully now.
DVD emoji? You must admit, you forgot how they looked like. It’s been a long time you’ve seen one of these, especially with the Netflix around. On Snapchat, this emoji stands next to everyone’s favorite DJ David Guetta, and we all agree the reference is too lit, even for a Guetta. If only we came up with the idea before. It does provide a great material for another DVD meme including Guetta’s sweaty face. Hell, we all dance to that beat, and Guetta makes sure our summer is the best. So, a moment of appreciation for the old music legend.
Bang emoji? We use this one on regular basis. Of course, it also represents mind-blown emotion but generally we do enjoy using this one, whether in a text or a post, this one is a must. After all, the world has a lots of lit things going on and the bad kinds of explosions shouldn’t make up the news. As for the Snapchat, this emoji is currently next to a name of Steve-O so now you know it does mean something. All of his content is definitely worth checking out even if you’re a skeptic, we guarantee you’ll have fun.
While a fist emoji may seem a bit hostile in an everyday conversation, it does make a great statement when it comes to the artists. So the man that has this fist emoji next to his name is definitely worth of our mention. Snapchat approved this emoji to Swedish artist/DJ/musician Alesso that has some killer things on his YouTube resume, and when we say killer things, we mean some awesome music, not literally a fist that will reach you through a screen. Alesso may have a fist as a verification, but we assure you, he still is a great artist.
This is definitely one of those elegant emoji’s. Even a name is elegant. This, originally French, Fleur-De-Lis emoji has more to it than it meets the eye. It is used throughout the Europe and it represents the old folk that used to live in Europe before it all went to seven hells. As far as Snapchat is concerned, this emoji represents New Orleans Saints and if you’re a fan of football, you definitely saw this emoji before as it stands next to their name on Snapchat. So next time you use this emoji, remember, it also represents the ancient cultures.
Headphone emoji? We use this one when snapping some cool music from the club to our friends. But, did you know that, on Snapchat, this emoji stands next to a name of Francis Dillon, and that guy, he’s something. If you’re one of his followers on Snapchat, you’re already familiar with his work and if not be sure to check it out as we believe you’ll find yourself using that emoji do share one of his mix tapes. The headphone emoji just got a whole new meaning, and the next time you send this to a friend, remember, Dillon’s awesome.
A monster or creature in video-arcade-style digital animation, generally thought to represent an alien. This emoji is one of the more specific and less versatile ones, and comes with the monster emoji “set.” Most emojis are grouped into sets of similar symbols and images such as this one. The digital, pixelated appearance of this emoji is reminiscent of old-school video games such as Pac-Man. The alien monster appears in different alien-like or monster-like shapes depending on the platform, some in green and red rather than purple. This emoji could be used to indicate a variety of things, such as video-games, monsters, or aliens.
This symbol appears red in all platforms except for Samsung, in which it is blue. The emoji’s meaning and interpretation is quite straight-forward and generally suggests something festive, a holiday, or a birthday. This is part of the party set of emojis. The balloon is used frequently in birthday-related posts or messages, as there are a lot of cues associated with the symbol that makes the meaning recognizable and accessible to people. The balloon is also used to represent anything festive or related to parties. Balloons are very typically present at parties, and are therefore a good indicator of something celebratory.
The baseball emoji is also quite straightforward is association. The ball is the centerpiece of American baseball, and is representative of a historic and unifying American pastime. The baseball looks less realistic and more cartoon in animation across the various platforms. However, a baseball is an extremely recognizable image to most people and has obvious implications. When used, it can be suggestive of sports in general, baseball game and playing baseball, or just spending time playing sports with family or friends. There is a traditional implication to this emoji, which has red stitching against white leather and twine like a real baseball.
This symbol can be customized to a variety of skin tones ranging from very light to very dark. It can also be left a default golden-yellow. A person’s arm flexed so that the muscle is highlighted is depicted. This type of symbol represents strength, working out, or accomplishment, and is included in a set of other human-based emojis. There are other representations of the human arm and hands in various positions which all have different associations and meanings. The animation and appearance of this symbol varies greatly depending upon the device but keeps the same flexed shape in order to speak to a sense of strength, physical or otherwise.
This symbol can also be adjusted to a variety of skin tones, ranging from very light to dark. The hair on this man is blonde and he is smiling. There are positive, happy associations with this symbol, as the man is smiling. This is a symbol to suggest happiness and represents a male. This is part of the person-with-blonde-hair sequence and the male set. It is representative of men specifically and goes along with a variety of other specifically-male emojis. The man appears younger in some platforms and has different hairstyles but generally appears to be an adult.
This symbol represents an oncoming view of a blue car. The windscreen and hood of the car are facing forward, and the car appears to be moving towards the viewer head-on. The car is displayed as blue in most platforms, but can also be red, orange, or grey. It is boxy and average-sized and does not seem to depict any specific type or brand of automobile. This symbol can be used to suggest traffic, that one is on one’s way, or simply to reference a car or cars. This car is oncoming, however, so it suggests more movement than a sideways view might.
This bomb could have a variety of potential readings. This is not only a bomb, but a bomb with a lit fuse. This symbolism would suggest that something is explosive or about to explode. It could also suggest extremity of something, or be used in a complimentary way. The bomb appears almost identical across the various emoji-supporting platforms. It is part of an associated set of emoji which depict various weapons, many of which are lethal ones such as the bomb. This particular symbol can have both positive and very negative associations depending on the context of its use.
A loaf of bread which has not yet been sliced is depicted in this emoji. This is a part of a series of bread and food-based emoji, of which there are many. The bread appears new and unused since it has not been cut into. The symbolism behind this emoji is rather straightforward as it can simply represent bread, sandwiches, a bakery, a baker, cooking, recipes, hunger, or food in general. The associations with this symbol are not too complicated. The loaf looks almost identical across the platforms and remains in a palette of varying shades of light brown.
The cactus emoji is representative of a desert climate, hot temperatures, or certain areas in the southwestern United States, Mexico, or southern hemisphere. Cacti grow in the hottest and driest parts of the world, and are therefore associated with these elements. They are often directly representative of the desert and of heat. The emoji is green and has bristles and represents the many types of cacti, or plants which thrive in high temperatures and store their own water in order to survive. It appears almost identical across the platforms.
The cake symbol is straightforward in meaning, and is festive and suggests a party or birthday. The cake appears to be a slice of strawberry shortcake and can have joyful associations, even though it does not have birthday candles in it. It could therefore simply represent pastries, baking, bakeries, desserts, food, or other more general things. Cake is associated with celebrating and indulging and is representative of many different cultures, though typically it might be thought of as American in this animation style. This cake is not necessarily meant to have festive associations. It is part of a series of desserts within the greater food set.
The cherries emoji is part of the fruit set within the food set, which does not include any other types of berries. Cherries are arguably one of the most popular fruits in the United States and are used in many common recipes. They are used in desserts as well as other dishes or are eaten on their own. It can be interpreted literally of course, but can also be used in a complimentary way or even as an innuendo. This symbol therefore can be read in a variety of ways and can have multiple meanings. The emoji is red with a green stem and leaves across every platform.
Princess Emoji was the first on our list and we’ve had several people in mind, yet it was all about who made the request first. So who did claim the princess as their verification sign on Snapchat? Well, it was none other than Pia Mia and we could work with that. She’s sort of a princess, in her own way, still we would have liked this one to have been reserved when we decide to finally work on our celebrity status. We’ve all had those plans, didn’t we? Well, Mia may keep it for now as she is a princess.
Ever wondered who claimed this cute rowing emoji as their verified emoji on Snapchat. Well, it’s been suspected but we’re there to clear it out. The ones that got this as their verification emoji are the Lonely Island guys and it only made sense they get it as you see that emoji does include a lonely boy, rowing and well, they’re a lonely island so it does make sense, when you think about it. After all, nobody really uses this emoji, not anymore. So chances are that you’ll need it on your cruising trip but hey, you’ll make it fine.
So who got the American flag? It only seemed convenient that Hillary gets it and so Snapchat gave it to her, everyone’s favorite American female politician Hillary Clinton has an American flag next to her name, to show her patriotic motives that made us all follow her during her run for the president of the USA, and although she might have not won the election, we didn’t delete her Snapchat as we all love to follow up with her categorical speeches and that American flag is a nice thing to see, so, we will thank Snapchat on this emoji pick.
Wonder who took the rose first? That seemed like something Snapchat wouldn’t approve to just anyone, and they didn’t. This cute red rose emoji stand next to a name Rose Huntington Whiteley, everyone’s favorite childhood actress. She does deserve to be Rose in every sense of the word and the emoji of course, so we can’t complain that Snapchat chose poorly with this on. Rose is one of the role models for a lady and a female celebrity so this emoji fits her more than some would like to admit. Anyway, nothing but pure love and respect for our Rose.
So a tulip emoji should be next to someone who is female, beautiful, famous, etc. Jessica Alba should do the job. So, Snapchat gave this tulip to be a verification emoji next to her name. Definitely right, as Alba is one of the greatest ladies we’ve encountered on the small screens and she deserves a cute little flower emoji next to her name. Next time, make sure you give her something that’s even more ladylike, maybe a dress emoji. Why not? But tulip works as well, after all, we send a tons of these when we want mother to pay.
So who go the tiger next to their name? Well it must’ve been someone blond. Oh, he’s a blond. The one that got a cute little tiger emoji as their verification sign Snapchat is none other but Calvin Harris, everyone’s favorite Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend. Well other than his relationships, we all love Harris for his summer hits that we kind of enjoy dancing to when on beach or in the club, so a tiger could be his, we have no problem with that. He deserves something cool after all those headlines and the fuss about his poor summer girlfriend choices.
So you wonder who got the police siren emoji next to their name on Snapchat. These seemed like one of those choices where Snapchat had to make its mind as fast as they could and this emoji is really a worthy one. So, they decided to put it next to Tiesto’s name and when we really thing about it, it isn’t as bad as it seems to be. It is kind of his signature emoji on Twitter and all the social media are somehow interconnected so it only makes sense that he’s associated with his favorite emoji and that’s siren.
This verification emoji does go in one direction. So, Snapchat made sure it stands next to a name of everyone’s favorite boy band One Direction. Seems legit, almost like a rose emoji for Rose Huntington Whiteley. Hopefully, Snapchat will be more creative when it comes to these as they were, considering this boy band. We may not use this emoji as much but now at least we can, next it to the five cute boys with British accent and beautiful voices that we listen to on repeat even though we aren’t that small anymore. Love goes in one direction, right?
Wonder who has this famous emoji next to their name? Look no further, poop emoji belongs to none other than Victoria Justice and we’re fine with that. Poop emoji is the number one emoji we use lately, but if we were a star like Victoria Justice, we would have picked something else besides this one. Victoria is still a great singer and comedian so we do understand what’s it like for her to use it, but as far as we’re concerned, poop emoji wasn’t on our bucket list when looking for a number one celebrity notification emoji on Snapchat list.