Snapcheat Trophies Emojis with meanings 

Snapchat Trophies emoji meanings

Blue dot trophy? What does that mean? Well, according to the Snapchat new feature, it’s all about creating stories in the Memories section. So you’ve had an amazing day with your friends where you took a thousand photos. Don’t worry, Snapchat now lets you have these photos as a slide show in your Memories and once you create your story, you get this blue dot emoji trophy as a reward. Isn’t that cool? Easy to do, list out some moments and just bind them together, and that’s it. Your story is set to go and you’ve received another Snapchat trophy.
What’s the white dot emoji all about? This trophy is easy to acquire, trust me. All you need to do is send a story that you’ve previously made in Memories to a friend, just like you’d share a photo from an amazing day, but this time you’re sharing the entire slide show. It’s a cool new way to share a pleasant memories without sending them a thousand photos at once and Snapchat knows that. This feature is not only a trophy you need to collect, but also the next best thing about sharing the important moments without making everyone angry.
That’s one creepy emoji for a trophy list? So what do these eyes really mean? Snapchat knows, as it’s listed in the list of trophies and it represents the very moment you decided to set up a hidden feature in your Snapchat album. My eyes only is the feature that allows you to lock up some snaps and have them opened only by your password or a fingerprint. That’s good to know, the next time you give your aunt a phone, you’ll be sure your secrets are safe with this cool new feature as she won’t ask for a password.
What’s that emoji doing on the trophy list, you wonder? Well, a minidisc is something that went out of fashion years ago and we couldn’t complain, but, Snapchat brings it back as a trophy. So, what does it mean exactly? Well, it means you saved your entire story in your memories. Sometimes we forget to save all those great snaps from a concert or some other event, as we don’t have time to enjoy it all without looking at our phone all the time and that is understood. This trophy is when you finally decide to save that amazing story.
That’s one cool detective emoji there in trophies? We bet you don’t know what does it mean? It looks good though, and easy, as you didn’t notice it until now. You’re right, this is a new easy Snapchat trophy that is unlocked by looking for a photo in your memories and then sharing it with others. It’s easy one to acquire, as we all do this on regular basis, we search for something we’ve already captured as now we’ve finally found a way to use it some way, or perhaps it was a memory we wanted to keep saved forever.
You wonder what this means? How can you acquire this particular emoji? What does the globe emoji among your Snapchat trophies mean? Well, the new rule is that you get one of these if you post your story for everyone to see. So, the next time you decide to share that sunrise with your snap friends, do this, share it with everyone, and you’ll earn yet another trophy in your collection. Unlike other trophies, this one doesn’t make you post things for a 100 times or bother friends with 50 snaps, but only to share a moment with a world.
This seems like a cool emoji? Well, all the cool trophies are hard to acquire, and so is this one. But, don’t give up, maybe that aunt of yours will get you a spectacles for your birthday, as this one requires you have them. Maybe you could just borrow them from a friend, and pair them with your Snapchat account. That could work fine. Anyways, you need those to finally get this trophy as well, and there are ways to get spectacles without having to buy them, as after all they’re quite expensive and your mum is skeptical about it.
Ever wondered what that link trophy means? What do you think? It’s not an e-mail verification again, thank God but rather something way more interesting. Snapchat gives out this trophy to everyone that linked their Bitmoji account to the Snapchat account, and if you don’t know what that means, we’ll explain now. Bitmoji is your personalized avatar that has a thousand pop references already stored in its library. If you need a clever response to that new message you got, look no further, Bitmoji will do the work for you, and that is, my friends, all you need for now.
Where may I get this cute little monkey emoji? Well, that’s an easy question. According to Snapchat, you get this one by sending a video with no audio tune. What a better way to provoke someone than this, easy as pie, still gets you a trophy and a friend is left reading your lips and trying to figure out what’s it’s all about. No worries, he won’t be mad soon. After all, Snapchat trophy list is something he cares about as well, and he’ll be happy enough with the information on how he too can acquire this cute little monkey.
So I should snap my mother while she’s baking some eggs? This emoji must be so confusing, but, trust us, if you’re a night bird it’s quite easy to get this one done. All you need to do is snap a photo between 4 and 5 am and you’ll get this one. So next time you decide to stay a night, binge watching your favorite show, be sure to snap something in this period and you’re good to go, as Snapchat will add this to your list of trophies and having this weird emoji as a trophy is a plus.
Not everyone’s favorite but definitely one of the first trophies you’ll acquire immediately after signing up to use Snapchat. So how does it work? Well, like with every social network, Snapchat too, requires you to verify your email, but they’re aware that this is one annoying procedure so they make it easier by putting this as your second trophy, encouraging you to get more trophies and at the same time reminding you that an e-mail verification is an important step that means a lot to their corporation, so if that’s the least we can do, then why the hell not.
Well, this is an easy one. We all get the telephone emoji as a trophy once we make the Snapchat account and that is about the first trophy that we get. It is one of the emoji’s that don’t really have any meaning but to be the first in the line, and if someone asks you what that means, you can surely answer that it doesn’t have to have some great meaning, it’s just a reminder of other things that you can get once you enter the enchanted circle of trophies, therefore, becoming a Snapchat addict worthy of their time.
Happy devil face? What does that emoji really mean and how is it related to Snapchat trophy list? Well, for starters, it’s easy to get trophy, as all you need to do is some obvious stalking, by screenshotting someone’s snap once at least. That does take courage but then again, you can always screenshot Kylie Jenner snap, and that counts too. Everyone screenshots her snaps, so you won’t be the creepy one. After all, it’s way easier to screenshot her snap than the snap of your actual crush, no matter how hard you wanted to, keep your hands far away.
Radio emoji seems like an easy one? All you need to do is submit your story to a local story. Well Snapchat counts that as a trophy as well and we must agree it is. So if you’re looking for some cute new emoji to add to your collection, this one is a great choice as we all liked radio back in a day and seeing it in our Snapchat trophies collection does bring out the nostalgic moments when we used to listen to all those music numbers directly from the MTV radio, and their 100 songs of the week.
Loop once, but what is it all about? This emoji is listed as a trophy emoji but people often interpret it as a replayed once emoji. No, that’s not what this one is about. This is about people that want to switch a camera one time when recording a video, so people see your face and the things you’re filming. You thought that was impossible, well now you know you can do it. No more cut out emotional reactions or anything, now, you can relax and film it all in just one try and you even get a cute trophy.
Cute snowflake emoji? That’s really sweet, but how is it that I have it? Or, what does it really mean? Well, look no further, we’re here to explain. This trophy means that you’ve experienced some freezing temperatures, to be precise, according to Snapchat, you’ve been snapping a photo while the temperature was below freezing. That’s some courage we’ve seen. You deserved that snowflake and we couldn’t agree more. That mountain was some real winter experience, and you’ve overcame that, so consider this like Snapchat is acknowledging your hiking experience even though your father didn’t, by this cute blue snowflake trophy.
Sun face emoji, what does it mean? It’s listed as a trophy but you still have no idea. Why is that? You’ve probably got one of these the last time you went out to get something and weather was scorching. When was that? Well to be precise, Snapchat anointed you a trophy the last time you decided to snap and the temperature was above 100 F. That was really hot snap, we must admit, your phone was melting long enough that Snapchat decided to give you a trophy. After all, you’ve deserved it and all that sun was a win.
Video tape emoji as a trophy? That’s nice to see. Definitely a change in the trophy list, my friend, but what does it mean? We’ll let you guess as it is an easy one. All you need to do is snap a video to someone and Snapchat adds this to the list of trophies you’ve already acquired. A lot easier than getting that ghost trophy, it still is one of the unknown trophies as people avoid sending videos on Snapchat. After all, snaps are the sort of work a photo does, comes and goes in a flash leaving us wondering.
Well you probably already have this one. Index finger emoji is a trophy on Snapchat list that you can get by applying a filter to one of your snaps, and we’ve all done that. So getting one of these is quite easy, really, just swipe right once you snap something and you’re done. There’s another trophy on your list and you have nothing to worry about, you’ve just reached the first lever when it comes to a filter snapping. Snapchat will show you two more unlocked trophies but we’ll get to those as well, and trust me, they’re easy too.
What about this peace emoji? What does it really mean? Well, it isn’t a rocket science. This trophy means that you’ve sent at least one snap with two filters applied and that basically means that you’ve send a snap with a time and a place applied at the same time. Piece of cake, right? You can combine any of these things to get a result and that’s easily done. So, the next time you friend starts bragging around of their Snapchat trophies, just show them you have achieved the second level in the filter section on Snapchat, and they’re done.
Well getting a star emoji next to your name couldn’t have been easy. That’s why Balqes Fathi took it first. This Yemeni star had a clever move, yes, she is famous singer, but still, this emoji means more than just a verification. It means that you’ve been using Snapchat long enough to claim this one first. So the star emoji is taken, well, that’s bad news for all those other stars, but hey, who comes first, gets the best piece of cake, so no hard feelings there, Balqes knew what she’s up for and she was clever enough for it.
Ever wondered what these stars mean? If you haven’t acquired them already, it means you aren’t as obsessed with Snapchat as you’d like to think, or simply you’re new to it. According to Snapchat this trophy means you’ve just hit a 1000 snaps score, and that, my friend is the first level in the game. There are few more levels to pass but this one is definitely the one that classifies you as a potential Snapchat addict, which can be good. Good enough for you to brag about it to your siblings that don’t even have Snapchat. That’s cool, right?
Rocket science emoji? Not really, but, still, points for trying, though. This is one of the top trophies in the game and if you have this one, it either means you bother everyone with a 100 snaps a day or you’re simply a Snapchat addict that happens to have a lots of friends. It could mean either of those, but officially the trophy means that you’ve hit the 100 000 snaps score. Man, that’s big one. It requires some real dedication, and that can be only done if you’re completely obsessed with Snapchat and you use it way too much.
Are you a Snapchat addict? Well, if you got this one, you are, there’s no discussion about that one, as this trophy is almost impossible to acquire. Why is that? Well, it does require you to hit 500 000 snaps and that is more than a number. You’re the official Snap star, constantly snapping, screenshotting and sharing stuff. That isn’t just a dedication, that isn’t just a hobby, that’s a full time job. Snapchat should pay you for this one, but seriously, this is some real time work that requires a commitment to a social network and you did that.
Movie camera is yet another emoji that represents one of relatively easy to acquire Snapchat trophies. So what’s it all about? This movie camera emoji unlocks once you’ve managed to send 50 video snaps, and that you’ve probably done the last time you were at that amazing concert as we wouldn’t expect any less from a true Snapchat addict. After all, you had to share those live moments even though your friend just skipped it or watched it on mute so the next time, be sure to ask them what was the song in the background, just to make sure.
Another favorite trophy of a true Snap star, this video camera emoji isn’t just hard to acquire, it’s practically impossible. So, why is that, exactly? Well, Snapchat only lets you have this one after you’ve shared 500 video snaps from your account and even you can’t just do that. It isn’t that easy, sending all the videos, not even to your best friend, so relax, and wait for it to come naturally, after all no one wants to be bothered by the video of your cat eating or all those mundane things we usually do, snapping a photo, of course.
Flashlight emoji means you’ve dodged your mum checking upon you in the late hours more than enough times for a Snapchat to give you a medal. So how many times have you done that, exactly? Well, according to Snapchat you get this flashlight emoji trophy if you’ve sent over 10 snaps with your front facing camera, and all that with your flashlight on. Well, that’s some late night talk, we spy over there. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us, as long as you keep on collecting your Snapchat trophies. After all, that’s all we need in our life.
No, it’s not a replay button. Well, it sure looks like one but this Snapchat trophy is a just a second level in video flipping, so unlike the number of times you’ve replayed something, this one appears when you flip camera more than 5 times in one snap video. So for all of those trophy hunters out there, this seems like an easy way to get a trophy, just pick a random victim that you usually bother with your snaps, and start a video, flip it a few times, and that’s it, as easy as it gets for a Snapchat.
What about this one? We bet you haven’t seen this one before. Yeah, it sure looks like a replay button but it’s much more than that. So all of you trophy hunters out there, listen carefully, this may seem like a hard task to do, but once you focus it isn’t even that hard. All you need to do is flip your camera 10 times in one snap. Yeah, we know, a lots of tapping, but hey, it’s still easier than that rocket trophy and that’s what counts. One more trophy on your list and a video that looks cool.
Nice magnifying glass you’ve go there among your trophies. Not an easy one to acquire but still a worthy one. So how it is that one can get this magnifying glass trophy. Well, all you need to do is send 10 snaps entirely zoomed in, so your friend will get some detail on that bug you just saw on your wall, but hey, it counts, if it gets you this magnifying glass in your trophies, and it does, so, all your friends could do is greet that bug as it’s officially a Mister Bug now, that got you the trophy.
Microscope emoji as a trophy? It would make a nice addition to your collection, wouldn’t it? Right, so can you get one? Well this one is going to require some skill and maybe something worth zooming in as this one wants you to send 10 zoomed in snaps, and once you’ve done that, you get this microscope emoji as the ultimate trophy. Isn’t that a good one? Relatively easy task that gets you this beauty. We couldn’t agree more but then again, your friends should understand the struggle, at least we hope they will understand yet another zoomed bug snap.
No, it’s not an alphabet emoji. It’s yet another trophy added by Snapchat and guess what, it’s not the easiest one. So how exactly can you get it? Well, it’s time to use that enlarged font you haven’t used since your aunt asked you to write it properly. You don’t have to bother everyone with a large font. All you need to do is send at least 100 of snaps featuring this large font and your aunt may be annoyed, but hey, you’ll have this cool alphabet emoji in your trophy list, which makes one angry aunt nothing in comparison.
This seems like an easy one? Shall I snap some pandas to my aunt? Well, it’s not that easy, we must admit. This panda emoji is one of the hard to get trophies as it requires you to send 50 black and white snaps to one person. We don’t know who will be the victim but our recommendation is to find some random gothic friend, they’ll understand your behavior. If not, you can always send it to your friend’s old account, which counts as well. Anything for that panda emoji to be added on your list of trophies, I guess.
Lovely moon emoji is yet another trophy challenge. We’re in. Now, what is it that gets us this one? According to Snapchat, you’ll get this emoji on your trophy list once you send out more than 50 snaps using the night mode. That shouldn’t be that much of a problem, after all, most of your time is spent on snapping instead of sleeping so now, all you need to do is activate that yellow night mood and continue snapping. In a day or two, you’ll get this emoji as a verification that you’re one snap star that’s a night bird.
Snapchat gives out lollipops now? Well, something like that, but not exactly. This Snapchat trophy is acquired by sending a photo that you have previously ruined by using five or more pen colors. Our advice is, next time when your brother takes you phone show him how to do this and you’ll have this lollipop emoji in your possession in no time. Then, you could always blame it on a child, if someone asks why did you snap drawings, and keep this trophy a secret. After all, they may be an experienced Snap user but not a passionate one.
How about a little rainbow in your collection. Well, for this one, you need to be either babysitting or simply extremely bored as you’ll get this one done if you decide to snap more than 10 snaps using 5 or more snap colors and that can be hard considering you need to use all these different pens and still keep a photo as normal as possible. Still, it’s worth of your time, and you can always use some random child as an excuse for this treachery, after all, kids love those cute little snap pens and kids need to be amused.
This is a nice color palette to have in your trophy collection, although it may cost you a few friends as this one requires you to snap 50 snaps using 5 or more pen colors and that can be a problem. Or, you could snap all these to one person. That could work with a child, so be sure to find a child that by some miracle has Snapchat and get to work, all those snaps won’t send by themselves. This is mainly recommended to kill a boredom but you could still do it if you’re a crazy Snap addict.
What about the sad devil emoji? Well, this one includes you being next level stalker and screenshotting more than 10 snaps. Oh, that could be a problem. Snapchat counts on that, that’s why this trophy carries the sad devil emoji, but then again, there are ways of not embarrassing yourself with this one. You can always screenshot a celebrity snap without them noticing so that is a plus, and if that fails screenshot a poem you friend shared on snap, that seems reasonable enough, after all that sad devil emoji seems quite attractive thing to add to your trophy collection.
Red mask face in your trophies? If you get this one, you’re one brave snap addict, as it does take quite some courage to screenshot someone’s snap about 50 times and that, my friend, is a pure bravery. We wouldn’t dare, not even when it comes to a celebrity. Someone would notice if you took 50 screenshots of their recent snaps, but, then again, that red mask emoji seems like a great addition to anyone’s trophy collection, don’t you think. One can find a way, if he wants, but, from our perspective that person is the bravest one there is.
Well getting this one isn’t that hard either. All you need to do to get this cute little TV emoji in your trophy collection is to get your story added to a local story. Just make sure you have the lightning right, and we assure you, Snapchat will reconsider adding it. For everyone wants to see something nice, right? So, go and visit you favorite local café, take some pictures and try it out. You have nothing to lose, after all, you get points for trying, you get that radio emoji for submitting it and that should be enough too.
Want to get this fax machine emoji added to your trophies? All you need to do is scan 5 Snapchat codes and that, guys, is an easy job. Just ask some random people in the park if they have Snapchat and you’ll get this one done. Snapchat code may not be used as much but at least there is a trophy for those who know enough about it and we thank Snapchat for that, as now, we can add it to our list of easy to acquire Snapchat trophies, definitely something to use the next time we meet new friend.
Are you a selfie queen? You sure look like you are and Snapchat agrees. How do we know that? Well, if you have this devil face emoji in you collection, then it means you’ve snapped over 1000 snaps with your front facing camera. That was brave, but then again, there are those adorable effects that you could use, and who can ever deny that a dog face is the ultimate selfie tool. We sure as hell can’t as we adore selfies, especially those that let us have the trophies that we don’t even pursue. So keep your selfie game strong.