Snapcheat Zodiac Emojis with meanings  aa

Snapchat Zodiac emoji meanings

Aries emoji? It did show up at you friend’s info once you clicked on it when you wanted to check if they improved with their Snapchat score. Well, now you know it, you know their sign. I believe that gives you the exact month your best friend was born, therefore, it gives you the range of days in which they will celebrate a birthday. No broken friendships as you may have forgotten the exact day, but one thing is for sure, once you see the Aries emoji you at least know they were born between March 21st and April 20th.
No way. That cute boy you met at the park is Taurus, same as you. Well, thank you Snapchat, this feature is way more helpful that that Smap map. Once you click on their profile, you’ll see this Taurus sign and you can now be sure you’re crush slash friend slash family is celebrating birthday in the range between April 21st and May 21st. Great news for stalkers, as this gives you a chance to prepare that gift month earlier and surprise your special someone with some unexpected gift, whether is a form of snap or simply by a gift.
Well who would have thought that sweet neighbor was a Gemini, just like your best friend. This emoji option lets you check that out on Snapchat, simply by tapping on their profile. Isn’t that cool? Now, all you need to do is find a gift for your special Gemini. Whether you decide on the photo or a necklace, this Snapchat feature does make things easier. How is that possible? Once you know, for a fact that your crush was born somewhere in between May 22nd and June 21st, you may as well relax, for now finding a gift is easy.
Who would’ve said your friend was a cancer. This Snapchat emoji does clear out on some of her emotional distress, although, you weren’t sure whether she was born in July or August. Now you know, for sure that she is born somewhere between June 22nd and July 22nd. That makes it easier, and you can always make a casual joke on her astrological sign, once you check out which one is it exactly. Snapchat does let you know a sign, but unfortunately, it doesn’t provide you with an exact date, but only with a range. Still, it makes things easier.
Leo emoji? Seriously, like who would have guessed that irrelevant cousin of your mother, that stalks you all the time on every social network, is in fact a leo. Now, once you tap on his profile, you will have this sign in the description. Not only Snapchat is great for an everyday use but it also warns when your hated cousin celebrates the special, once in a year day. Now, you can pretend to be poor in the period of July 23rd to August 23rd, or you can always convince your mum to give some extra cash for a gift.
You saw that one right. Snapchat shows the Virgo emoji next to your promiscuous friend. Well, that’s awkward. Now, you’ll have to get ready to lose some money in the period between the August 23rd to September 23rd. Time to say goodbye to the phone savings, as Snapchat made sure you know what’s your friend’s horoscope sign and now you can’t get out of it. But hey, it could have been worse. She could’ve been you best friend and an actual Virgo. Emoji is still a great way of letting you know when your favorite crazy person was actually born.
Remember that one friend you always thought was born in December? Well, thanks to Snapchat, you don’t have to stress out about any of that, not any longer, as now you’ll see this Libra emoji next to their name once you tap to see their profile. So, now at least you have the range in which that friend was born and that is the days between September 24th to October 23rd. One more friend that will be surprised when you make a comment about their Libra behavior. They may wonder for a while, but trust us, they won’t find out.
What about that Sorpius emoji? You must have someone born between October 24th and November 22nd. We know you do. Well, thanks to this Snapchat feature, now you’ll know which of your friends is Scorpius, and that will spare you some trouble as we all know what a Scorpius is capable of. As for the gift, we’re sure you’ll easily come up with something worthy of their time, as long as you don’t forget their sign. Snapchat made sure you wouldn’t. So, sit back an relax, for any Scorpius will respect you even remember the month they were born in.
Sagittarius emoji? We bet you wondered which one that was? Well, you definitely won’t forget it now as Snapchat will show it once you tap on profile of a friend that was born in a period between November 23rd and December 21st. As holiday season approaches, now you have the perfect excuse to go on a shopping spree as Snapchat showed your friend will be celebrating his birthday any day soon. After all, this emoji will at least let you know their birthday is close, and that is great news as we all know how cheap things get in winter.
We all know this Capricorn emoji for sure as we all have that one friend that was born in the period between December 22nd and January 20th. You may forget the exact date of their birthday with the New Year eve coming up and all those things the new year brings with it, but hey, at least Snapchat lets you know you’re friend is annoying Capricorn that is waiting for their gift, as you try to pay your dues with the New Year plans and everything. Relax, this may not be your favorite emoji but still it does remind you.
Aquarius emoji? It does differ a bit from the others on this list but we assure you’ll get used to that. After all, you still need to buy your old aunt a gift and we know aunt has been active on Snapchat lately. That’s okay, now you can just tap on her profile to make sure she is an Aquarius, after all she easily gets offended and this was you can at least make her think you remember her sign and that you’ve got your gift ready, even though you don’t, but hey, it still looks like a perfect plan.
Anyone noticed this emoji next to their friends name on Snapchat. Well, this one is a Pisces sign emoji that, if nothing, lets you know the girl next door will be celebrating a birthday somewhere between February 20th and March 20th which does let you plan out how exactly, you’ll get in. Now, the gift is easily bought once you know which sign that girl is and thanks to Snapchat, now you do, so relax and get ready, you still could get her to call you on that awesome party you missed out on and regretted the last year.