🐙 Octopus emoji

🐙 meaning - Octopus

The octopus emoji is a cute and versatile emoji. It appears differently on different devices, though almost always as a cartoony – almost cuddly – cephalopod. It has two eyes and often a round, surprised looking mouth. It can be purple, pink or red, with between four and eight of its legs on display. It’s used in the context of the sea and sea life, and also when talking about octopus as food and sushi. Because it looks so sweet and cute, it can also be used as a slightly soppy, “I can’t wait to get my tentacles on you!”, “I’m going to cuddle you!” or “I’m stuck on you!”.

Copy and paste Octopus emoji

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Note: - If you can't see the emoji, your device may not support Octopus emoji but you can still use it on other platforms.

Representations : Eight Tentacles Fish can be represented by 🐙 emoji.

Examples of 🐙 emoji :

if you're cool & still love him 🐙, quote this tweet.
Be the first. 🙈🎉🐙💫🌟
We'll all fly 🎈🐙🎈🐐🎈
thank you my little one 🐙
Hello, I am oktopus 🐙
Is an octopus? 🐙 Is it a bear? 🐻 Spoiler: It's octobar.🐙🐻
Always like, my darling 🐙🦑
Hi. I'm much better today! Comes well in the weekend her horny milk cuts 💜🐙🐳

How Octopus emoji appear on Apple, Google and other platforms?

Octopus may look different on every device. In the above images you can view how Octopus emoji appears on different devices. Emoji of Octopus can be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other platforms and OS. Some devices may show a blank box or X instead of Octopus emoji as every device doesn't support each one of the emoji.

History of Octopus emoji

This emoji was first introduced in Unicode 6.0 in October, 2010 which was followed by addition to Emoji 1.0 in August, 2015. Octopus emoji appeared on iOS 5.0, Android 4.3, EmojiOne 1.0 for the first time.

Octopus in other languages

LanguageShort Name

What is the code of Octopus emoji?

Unicode : U+1F419
Hex Code
Code Point(s):    1f419
HTML Entity:   🐙
UTF-8: F0 9F 90 99
UTF-8 (C): F0 9F 90 99
UTF-16: 0xd83ddc19
UTF-16 (C): 0xD83D 0xDC19
UTF-32: 1F419
UTF-32 (C): 0x00001F419
Decimal Code
Code Point(s): 128025
HTML Entity: 🐙
UTF-16: 55357 56345
UTF-32: 128025
Octal Code
UTF-8: 360 237 220 231
Other developer codes:
PHP: "\xf0\x9f\x90\x99"
Python: u"\U0001F419"
Java, C++, C: "0xD83D\uDC19"

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