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♦️ Diamond Suit emoji

♦️ meaning - Diamond Suit

Diamond suit emoji is definitely something that you use to check all the things on your profile that describe what really makes you special. People often use this diamond suit emoji when in need of something that’ll make their status look more memorable, or rather when in need of something that will make us all wonder why haven’t we thought of this one, as this emoji makes it for the excellent frame that will keep your sentences sorted out and more noticeable, and we all want to be noticed, especially when it comes to the social media and the entertainment.

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Note: - If you can't see the emoji, your device may not support Diamond Suit emoji but you can still use it on other platforms.

Representations : Black Diamond Suit Diamonds can be represented by ♦️ emoji.

Examples of ♦️ emoji :

Since this is now clear, we now raffle 3 beta entrances. 😉♦ ️
Let the games begin... 😎📢♦️⚪️♦️

How Diamond Suit emoji appear on Apple, Google and other platforms?

Diamond Suit may look different on every device. In the above images you can view how Diamond Suit emoji appears on different devices. Emoji of Diamond Suit can be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other platforms and OS. Some devices may show a blank box or X instead of Diamond Suit emoji as every device doesn't support each one of the emoji.

History of Diamond Suit emoji

This is one of the first emojis introduced in Unicode 1.1 in July, 1995 which was after several years added to very first version of Emoji 1.0 in August, 2015. Diamond Suit emoji appeared on iOS 5.0, Android 4.3, EmojiOne 1.0 for the first time.

Diamond Suit in other languages

LanguageShort Name
SpanishTraje de diamante
FrenchDiamant Costume
RussianАлмазный костюм
ItalianAbito di diamanti
PortugueseTraje de Diamante

What is the code of Diamond Suit emoji?

Unicode : U+2666
Hex Code
Code Point(s):    2666
HTML Entity:   ♦
UTF-8: E2 99 A6, EF B8 8F
UTF-8 (C): E2 99 A6, EF B8 8F
UTF-16: 0x2666, fe0f
UTF-16 (C): 0x2666, 0xFE0F
UTF-32: 2666
UTF-32 (C): 0x00002666
Decimal Code
Code Point(s): 9830, 65039
HTML Entity: ♦️
UTF-16: 9830, 65039
UTF-32: 9830, 65039
Octal Code
UTF-8: 342 231 246, 357 270 217
Other developer codes:
PHP: "\xe2\x99\xa6,\x\xef\xb8\x8f"
Python: u"\U0002666"
Java, C++, C: "0x2666, \uFE0F"

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