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🦸‍♂️ Man Superhero emoji

🦸‍♂️ meaning - Man Superhero

Say hello to 🦸‍♂️, the Man Superhero emoji! Not only does he scream "comic book crusader," but he also fits into texts where courage and bravery are the main acts. Part of the emoji lexicon since 2018, he's a new kid on the block but already making waves.

He's not just a symbol for fictional characters in spandex. You'll find this emoji making appearances in conversations about everyday heroes. Your friend who aced the exam? A medical worker you admire? Slap a 🦸‍♂️ in there to show they're awesome!

When it comes to pop culture chatter, this emoji is a VIP. Chatting about the newest Marvel release or the latest episode of a superhero TV show? This emoji joins the convo, no cape needed. Big life event? Here's where our emoji friend truly shines. Wrapped up a project or maybe, finished a marathon? 🦸‍♂️ is the perfect exclamation point. It symbolizes achieving something monumental, almost like you've got a superpower.

Romantic endeavors also get a heroic boost. Try coupling 🦸‍♂️ with a 💐 and you're not just any admirer. You're signaling you'll swoop in and make their day extraordinary. After all, love can make us all feel a bit superhuman.

And hey, this isn't just for the guys. The emoji universe is all about inclusivity. There's a female counterpart 🦸‍♀️ and even a gender-neutral option 🦸. Plus, you can customize the skin tone to make it truly your own!

Copy and paste Man Superhero emoji

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Use shortcode : :man_superhero:, :superhero_man:, :male_superhero:
Note: - If you can't see the emoji, your device may not support Man Superhero emoji but you can still use it on other platforms.

Representations : man superhero can be represented by 🦸‍♂️ emoji.

How Man Superhero emoji appear on Apple, Google and other platforms?

but currently not supported in HTC, Messenger, Mozilla, Emojidex

Man Superhero may look different on every device. In the above images you can view how Man Superhero emoji appears on different devices. Emoji of Man Superhero can be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other platforms and OS but not supported in HTC, Messenger, Mozilla, Emojidex. Some devices may show a blank box or X instead of Man Superhero emoji as every device doesn't support each one of the emoji.

History of Man Superhero emoji

Emoticons 1.2 update by Skype was the first to bring in Man Superhero emoji on June 1, 2015. 3 years later Twitter, Google, JoyPixels, Samsung released 🦸‍♂️ emoji on June 5, 2018, August 6, 2018, August 21, 2018, August 24, 2018 respectively.

Man Superhero in other languages

LanguageShort Name
Frenchsuper-héros homme
Italiansupereroe uomo
Portuguesehomem super-herói

What is the code of Man Superhero emoji?

Unicode : U+1F9B8;U+200D;U+2642;U+FE0F
Hex Code
Code Point(s):    1f9b8; 200d; 2642; fe0f
HTML Entity:   🦸‍♂️
UTF-8: F0 9F A6 B8, E2 80 8D, E2 99 82, EF B8 8F
UTF-8 (C): F0 9F A6 B8, E2 80 8D, E2 99 82, EF B8 8F
UTF-16: 0xd83eddb8, 200d, 2642, fe0f
UTF-16 (C): 0xD83E 0xDDB8, 0x200D, 0x2642, 0xFE0F
UTF-32: 1F9B8;200D;2642;FE0F
UTF-32 (C): 0x00001F9B8; 0x0000200D; 0x00002642; 0x0000FE0F
Decimal Code
Code Point(s): 129464, 8205, 9794, 65039
HTML Entity: 🦸‍♂️
UTF-16: 55358 56760, 8205, 9794, 65039
UTF-32: 129464, 8205, 9794, 65039
Octal Code
UTF-8: 360 237 246 270, 342 200 215, 342 231 202, 357 270 217
Other developer codes:
PHP: "\xf0\x9f\xa6\xb8,\x\xe2\x80\x8d,\x\xe2\x99\x82,\x\xef\xb8\x8f"
Python: u"\U0001F9B8;\U000200D;\U0002642;\U000FE0F"
Java, C++, C: "0xD83E\uDDB8, \u200D, \u2642, \uFE0F"

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