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🚃 meaning - Railway Car

We’ve all used the railway car emoji every once in a while. Some people use it to show that the problem they’re solving, or the work that they’re doing isn’t going as fast as they’d want it too. Then again, there are people that simply complain of having to drive in one of these, so anyway, this railway car emoji associates us all with something that is quite slow and while we may never use it as a regular thing, every now and then, we may wish to share one of these emojis as the description of a slower way.

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Representations : Railcar Railroad Car Carriage Railway Wagon Car Rail Coach can be represented by 🚃 emoji.

Examples of 🚃 emoji :

"Enjoy life to the fullest". ,😅😆🚂🚃
Leaderless through the night 🎵🚃🎵
They saved the exit signal. For that everything is full of bikes and hikers.😬🚃
I like trains...🏃♂️🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃
I'm going with the 🚃 after 🏠 and cut down on 👂. Wish you sweet dreams! 🌛 Jenni
I'll be with you in 7 hours, Cuties! 🚂🚃🚃🚃

How Railway Car emoji appear on Apple, Google and other platforms?

Railway Car may look different on every device. In the above images you can view how Railway Car emoji appears on different devices. Emoji of Railway Car can be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other platforms and OS. Some devices may show a blank box or X instead of Railway Car emoji as every device doesn't support each one of the emoji.

History of Railway Car emoji

This emoji was first introduced in Unicode 6.0 in October, 2010 which was followed by addition to Emoji 1.0 in August, 2015. Railway Car emoji appeared on iOS 6.0, Android 4.3, EmojiOne 1.0 for the first time.

Railway Car in other languages

LanguageShort Name
SpanishVagón de tren
FrenchVoiture de chemin de fer
RussianЖелезнодорожный вагон
ItalianVagone Ferroviario
PortugueseVagão de trem

What is the code of Railway Car emoji?

Unicode : U+1F683
Hex Code
Code Point(s):    1f683
HTML Entity:   🚃
UTF-8: F0 9F 9A 83
UTF-8 (C): F0 9F 9A 83
UTF-16: 0xd83dde83
UTF-16 (C): 0xD83D 0xDE83
UTF-32: 1F683
UTF-32 (C): 0x00001F683
Decimal Code
Code Point(s): 128643
HTML Entity: 🚃
UTF-16: 55357 56963
UTF-32: 128643
Octal Code
UTF-8: 360 237 232 203
Other developer codes:
PHP: "\xf0\x9f\x9a\x83"
Python: u"\U0001F683"
Java, C++, C: "0xD83D\uDE83"

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