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🥀 Wilted Flower emoji

🥀 meaning - Wilted Flower

You’ve probably seen the wilted flower before? So what does this one mean? Lately, it’s been used as the reference to the new adaptation of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie, so it basically represents the moment when it seems like a beast will die as the last petal lands on the ground. Other than that, it represents something that’s broken, something you don’t work on, for instance a relationship, just like any flower, it needs watering to survive. We don’t mean you literally wash your spouse but rather, cherish the special connection you two already have for some time.

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Note: - If you can't see the emoji, your device may not support Wilted Flower emoji but you can still use it on other platforms.

Representations : Dead Drooping Flower Wilted can be represented by 🥀 emoji.

Examples of 🥀 emoji :

I do not want to be any girl, I want to be your girl.🥀
They are the reason why I am still here 💭🥀
I give up. ❌🚫🥀
my good mood has once again become the opposite. 🥀
In a world full of pain and wounds, a smile is priceless.🥀

How Wilted Flower emoji appear on Apple, Google and other platforms?

but currently not supported in LG, HTC, Messenger, Mozilla

Wilted Flower may look different on every device. In the above images you can view how Wilted Flower emoji appears on different devices. Emoji of Wilted Flower can be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other platforms and OS but not supported in LG, HTC, Messenger, Mozilla. Some devices may show a blank box or X instead of Wilted Flower emoji as every device doesn't support each one of the emoji.

History of Wilted Flower emoji

This emoji was first introduced in Unicode 9.0 on 21st June, 2016 which was followed by addition to Emoji 3.0 in the same month and featured in September, 2014 iOS 10 update. Wilted Flower emoji appeared on iOS 10.2, Android 7.0, EmojiOne 2.2.4 for the first time.

Wilted Flower in other languages

LanguageShort Name
SpanishFlor marchita
GermanVerwelkte Blume
FrenchFleur fanée
RussianУвядший цветок
ItalianFiore appassito
PortugueseFlor murcha

What is the code of Wilted Flower emoji?

Unicode : U+1F940
Hex Code
Code Point(s):    1f940
HTML Entity:   🥀
UTF-8: F0 9F A5 80
UTF-8 (C): F0 9F A5 80
UTF-16: 0xd83edd40
UTF-16 (C): 0xD83E 0xDD40
UTF-32: 1F940
UTF-32 (C): 0x00001F940
Decimal Code
Code Point(s): 129344
HTML Entity: 🥀
UTF-16: 55358 56640
UTF-32: 129344
Octal Code
UTF-8: 360 237 245 200
Other developer codes:
PHP: "\xf0\x9f\xa5\x80"
Python: u"\U0001F940"
Java, C++, C: "0xD83E\uDD40"

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