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The list of all Button emojis. You can find the meaning of each emoji with its respective definition, usage and code. Though most of the emojis are supported by popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat but it must be noted that Button emoji shown here are how they appear on your device or platform but they may not appear or appear differently on various devices.

Anticlockwise arrow button emoji is one of those emojis that we use when showing
On arrow emoji is an emoji that signalizes that something is active, whether it
Surely something that we use quite often, this repeat emoji doesn’t have to me
Well, while we usually see this as one of the options when playing a list of son
While this one regularly means that you’re about to play a song or a video, th
Unquestionably one of the emojis that we used during the school year, while awai
Reverse button emoji may not be something we use as often, unless in case we wan
Fast reverse button emoji is one of the emojis we use when wishing that we had a
You’ve probably used this one the last time you had that kinky text exchange w
Fast up button emoji is probably something we all associate with the elevators s
Down button is yet another button that we associate with dirty talking, and when
Fast down button is yet one of those things that we often associate with the ele
Most likely to be used as a window, this stop button is one of the emojis that w
Something we all use every now and then, whether when visiting theater or the ac
Dim button is one of the things we love about the smart phone technology as this
Bright button emoji is one in the line of emojis that represents the brightness
Definitely, a distinguishable one, this cross mark emoji is one those emojis we
Cross mark button emoji is one of the emojis that represent all those times that
Input Latin letters emoji is definitely one of the emojis we misuse as it rarely
You’ve probably wondered what a button emoji really stands for. Well, we’re
No, it’s not the Asian school marks. This emoji actually stands for the blood
No, it’s not yet another emoji that represents the school mark. This is a bloo
If you happen to be older than 30, you’ve probably seen one of these before, a
Definitely, something we’ve all used at some point, as this emoji, not only re
One of the emojis that we use when captioning anything that is freedom related,
Information emoji is one of those emoji that is often seen in marketing, or as a
Bet you didn’t know this one existed? Well, now you know, so, since you probab
Well, you’ve probably encountered one of these and used it the last time you u
You’ve probably used this one already, the last time you got something new, as
NG button emoji? Well, this emoji doesn’t have a positive meaning, so the next
Ever wondered what’s this one for? Well, it’s not a random letter in a red s
Something we’ve all used at some point, even if own the oldest version of an I
P button emoji is definitely an emoji all drivers used at least once, as we all
You’ve probably used this one the last time you found yourself on an awkward d
Ever saw this up button emoji being used? Well, you’ve probably did, as people
While most of the world, including ourselves, uses this VS emoji every time they
Ever wondered what this one means? Well, if you happen to be a lucky one that ha
Ever been to Japan? If you did, then you’ve probably encountered one of these
If you happen to be Japanese, you’ve probably used this one before and you kno
If you were a tourist that by some chance decided to visit Japan, you probably r
Well you’ve probably encountered one of these the last time you visited that J
Well, if you’ve encountered one of these on the last visit to Japan, you’re
If you’ve been to Japan, you’ve probably learnt what this one means by now,
You’ve probably encountered one of these on one of your friend’s photos, esp
Well this is something you don’t want to see, being an Anime lover, or simply
Ever saw this one before? Probably not, unless you’re Japanese, as this part o
Yet another in the line of the Japanese emojis that you probably won’t underst
Yet another of the symbols that are usually only used by Japanese population as
Well, you don’t really have to know what all Japanese emojis stand for, as lon
If you happen to have a Japanese friend, it would be nice to find out the meanin
Ever wanted to have a secret meaning to your messages, or to hint to your friend
No, it’s not another one of those Anime characters, and misusing this symbol m
Another one of the Japanese symbols, this emoji is also not the one rest of the
Black square button is one of the emojis that we tend to use when captioning tha
White square button emoji is definitely something we use when captioning yet ano
Relatable to Generation X and Y who have witnessed the evolution of storage devi
Depicted by a vertical line followed by two horizontally linked triangles pointi
Released with ⏮️ Last track button, the emoji is a mirror image of the prece
Two vertical parallel lines inside a curved square usually denote the pause butt
The design features a triangle pointing rightwards ▶️ to two vertical parall
🔘 is called a radio button in tech-savvy language. The thick outlined circle
A circle inside a rounded square denotes a record button. Consistently found on
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