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The list of all Sports emojis. You can find the meaning of each emoji with its respective definition, usage and code. Though most of the emojis are supported by popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat but it must be noted that Sports emoji shown here are how they appear on your device or platform but they may not appear or appear differently on various devices.

Well, as the horse racing is much more popular in the USA, we must say that this
We don’t have to be a professional snowboarder to use this one. If anyone foll
Person golfing emoji was probably the one that people use lately, ever since Don
Man golfing emoji is often associated with the golf game but the real use of thi
Woman golfing emoji made it to the top 10 emojis for a reason, this not only tha
As for the person surfing emoji, we usually use one of these to show aour devoti
We all love surfing, and even though we may not all have this exquisite opportun
Well a woman surfing emoji has a whole lot of a different story behind the creat
Person rowing a boat emoji became planetary known after the 3rd season of the wo
While man rowing a boat emoji is often confused with the other gender neutral pe
Not as popular as the man rowing emoji, this woman rowing emoji still makes it t
Well, we’ve all used this one, whether on a vacation or simply when in a pool
Wile this man swimming emoji may seem like something only a profesional swimmer
Also one of the commonly used, universal emojis, this emoji can mean a great dea
Yet another gender neutral emoji, this person bouncing a ball emoji can be used
We often see this man bouncing the ball emoji used to describe boy’s outdoor a
This woman bouncing the ball is often misinterpreted as the emoji that only stan
Yet another gender neutral emoji, this person lifting weights emoji is probably
While this man lifting weights emoji is often encountered in the description of
This woman lifting weights emoji is definitely more popular within the woman spo
This gender neutral emoji is still a good way to describe any biker that stands
Also one of the emojis that we frequently use, this man biking emoji is known fo
Woman biking emoji is also widely accepted and used in the Northern Europe as th
Person mountain biking emoji is definitely a sort of thing among the European co
While this man mountain biking emoji may not be favorite one for people that don
Although a woman biking emoji may seem a bit unusual, trust us, there’s a lots
We all love this gender neutral person cartwheeling emoji as it was one of the f
Man cartwheeling emoji is definitely among the emojis we all use when visiting a
Woman cartwheeling emoji is one of the emojis that people often misinterpret as
Well this is also one of those gender neutral emojis as this people wrestling em
Man wrestling emoji is also among the emojis that people often use when watching
While the man wrestling is often related to famous wrestling stars this emoji, h
While this person playing water polo is yet one of those gender neutral emojis,
This man playing water polo is also one of the emojis we use in the summer accom
Well definitely one of the favorite sports in which men enjoy to let a women pla
Person playing handball emoji is one of those emojis that all kids love to use a
Man playing handball emoji is one of those emojis that all kids love to use and
This woman playing handball is often used among the female kids that find this e
We all have that friend that is good at sports. So the next time he wins somethi
Next time your boyfriend does something sweet make sure you send him this emoji,
How about a 2nd place medal emoji for someone that seemed like a nice person all
So what about that bronze you got last year by competing in that International P
Soccer ball emoji? Probably one of the most used by all the boys you know, wheth
While baseball emoji is not as popular in the rest of the world as it is in the
Basketball may be the most played one after all as this emoji makes it to the to
Well this is more ladylike emoji, as the volleyball is often associated with the
American football emoji isn’t as popular in the rest of the world as it is in
Rigby may not be as popular in the different parts of the world but it is surely
Everybody knows what this one is about, as we all played tennis at some point in
Field hockey emoji is one of the American things and small portion of the world
Well ice hockey is everyone’s favorite sport, and this emoji proves that. Not
Ping Pong emoji definitely is definitely one more in a row of sport emojis that
We may not all be fans of tennis but when it comes to Badminton, we’ve probabl
While the boxing glove emoji does indeed share a lots of misuse, when it comes t
Direct hit emoji, usually means that the one that posted this really aced whatev
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