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The list of all Symbol emojis. You can find the meaning of each emoji with its respective definition, usage and code. Though most of the emojis are supported by popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat but it must be noted that Symbol emoji shown here are how they appear on your device or platform but they may not appear or appear differently on various devices.

The sign of the horns emoji shows a single, entirely disembodied hand held in a
The old key emoji is similar in meaning and use as the key emoji, but is depicte
The eye in speech bubble emoji was launched in 2015 as a special initiative by t
The heart with arrow emoji recreates a common – and pretty old! – motif of l
The red heart emoji is a classic love heart and an iconic image. Although offici
The beating heart emoji shows a single pink or red love heart with added vibrati
The broken heart emoji shows a single pink or red love heart with a lightning sh
The two hearts emoji shows two hearts in shades ranging from a fuchsia pink to a
The sparkling heart emoji shows a pink or red love heart surrounded by a number
The growing heart emoji is represented by three layered love hearts in differing
One of a number of love heart emojis, the blue heart emoji is – of course –
The green heart emoji is the same size as the other single love heart emojis, bu
Something that we often use when captioning that newest fashion statement, or wh
The purple heart emoji is often used by fans of Justin Bieber as purple is his f
Something that made gothic kids way to happy, as this emoji often is used by eve
Heart with ribbon emoji is something we all associate with the gift from beloved
This emoji is all about showing love, even if that means only captioning a photo
Heart decoration emoji is something that we all believe to be the next favorite
The world of emojis is like a universe unto itself, brimming with a language of
Well, we all can admit to using this one, as this emoji stands for more than jus
In case you didn’t know what this one means, it’s an anger symbol and it is
Joker emoji is most likely to be used as a reference to the character of Joker a
Well, you don’t have to be a Japanese to know what this emoji means. Mahjong r
This muted speaker emoji is something we’ve all encountered when calling our f
This speaker on low volume emoji is probably something that we all use when talk
This speaker on medium volume is definitely a favorite thing to see on our smart
Definitely something we’ve all seen whether when playing a loud music video or
Loudspeaker emoji is something we all use when we’re trying to make a point in
Definitely something that you haven’t seen until now, this Postal horn emoji i
You’ve probably seen this Bell emoji the last time you wanted to set your alar
Bell with Slash emoji is something we usually see as a sign of alarm turned off,
Litter in bin emoji is something you use quite often if you happen to be the one
So, you’ve definitely seen one of these emojis when volunteering in the nearby
Definitely something we’ve encountered before in TV studios or other places as
Restroom emoji is definitely something that we’ve all seen as it is often used
Baby symbol emoji is something that we’ve all used among all those other cute
Warning emoji is something we’ve all seen the last time we decided to play tha
Well we’ve all used this emoji that one time we studied to pass our driver’s
Definitely something we’ve all seen as a description to many Instagram profile
Something we see quite often as this emoji often stand for no usage of your favo
Definitely one of the emojis that smokers use when poking fun at pretty much any
No littering emoji is definitely something we’ve all seen on all those ecology
Non-potable water emoji is something we’ve all used that one time when on vaca
Definitely an emoji that we all see every now and then in life or probably when
One of those emojis that girls like to use as description to their profiles once
Radioactive emoji is one in the line of emojis that we decide to use in a wrong
Something that we use quite often when talking about things that took time in th
End arrow is definitely an emoji that we use when captioning the end of our rece
Top arrow is definitely a perfect way to compliment pretty much anyone, so we us
Yet another emoji used by the Tumblr community to represent either a witchery or
If you happen to be a person that enjoys meditation, you’ve probably used this
No, this emoji can’t be used to caption that latest pirate movie, as this Whee
Yin Yang emoji is one of the most used ones as it represents the human being tha
This orthodox cross is often mistaken for another symbol and people tend to misu
Star and the crescent emoji is yet another in the religious emojis collection an
Well this peace symbol emoji is something we’ve all used at least in that phas
You’ve probably seen one of these before as this Menorah symbol is one of the
Ophiuchus emoji is used as an emoji that represents the 13th sign in the Zodiac,
Shuffle tracks button emoji is definitely one of our favorite emojis as it repre
Surely something that we use quite often, this repeat emoji doesn’t have to me
Well, while we usually see this as one of the options when playing a list of son
Recycling symbol is surely one of the favorite emojis for just about anyone that
Ever wondered what this one stands for? Well, this is the Japanese symbol for a
Definitely your favorite emoji to use if you happen to belong any sort of the Tu
The emoji has its origin in Greek mythology, which is widely accepted by the med
Depicted by an angry smiley face of red color. Its mouth is covered with a black
Like the male and female symbol, transgender symbol represents the worldwide tra
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