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🫙 Jar emoji

🫙 meaning - Jar

The Jar emoji is a popular emoji used to represent a variety of things. Depending on the context, it can represent many different things. It can be used to express feeling or emotions, refer to something physical, or simply as an artistic expression.

At its most basic level, the Jar emoji symbolizes something that is held, contained, or preserved in a jar. This could be anything from pickles and jam to coins and jewels. It can also refer to the idea of preserving or storing something for future use and reference. For instance, someone might post a Jar emoji when talking about saving for retirement or college funds. In addition, it has been used in a jokingly way as if someone was painfully trying to cram something into a jar or other container that is too small for it.

The Jar emoji can also refer to abstract concepts like keeping secrets safe and secure. By posting the jar emoji, someone might be referring to the idea of keeping secrets in order not to let them “leak out” like how one would with a jar filled with liquid contents. It can also be used metaphorically as an indication that someone does not want others know about their personal matters and feelings; thus creating a metaphorical wall around their thoughts by closing off the lid on their jar of emotions .

Moreover, this emoji could also be interpreted as an artistic expression in which case it could represent the idea of “contained creativity” where one is filled with ideas but cannot seem to get them out into the open due to mental or emotional barriers preventing them from doing so. TheJar emoji could also act as an indicator for individuals wishing to express themselves without actually having to talk about it—such as when expressing feelings of sadness without verbalizing them—allowing users to communicate through non-verbal means instead.

The Jar emoji can be used frequently on social media platforms due its versatility in conveying various meanings depending on context and user intent. For example, it has become especially popular among teens who often use it satirically when referring to holding back emotions or as an attempt at comic relief by posting jokes regarding filling jars with items that are simply too big for them—like attempting to stuff air into one—or replacing words such as “secrets” with this particular emoji when discussing sensitive topics online where they do not want others prying into their conversations .

Overall ,theJar emoji is a versatile tool for communicating various ideas and emotions depending on context . Whether used sarcastically , metaphorically , artistically , or literally , this simple little emoji offers up myriad ways for people across cultures , languages , and ages alike communicate quickly and effectively without having say too much .

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Note: - If you can't see the emoji, your device may not support Jar emoji but you can still use it on other platforms.

Representations : jar, condiment, container, empty, sauce, store can be represented by 🫙 emoji.

Examples of 🫙 emoji :

Oops, the 🫙 jar is empty. Time for a grocery run!
Craving something sweet? How about some homemade 🍪 cookies from the 🫙 jar?
In need of a quick dinner idea? Grab a 🫙 jar of pasta sauce and whip up some delicious spaghetti!
Nothing beats the taste of freshly preserved 🫐 blueberry jam from my grandma's recipe. 🫙 🫐
Trying to save money? Start by putting loose change into the 🫙 jar every day. 💵 🪙
Cooking tip: Store your homemade sauces in airtight 🫙 jars for maximum flavor and freshness.
Looking to add some kick to your meal? Try a dollop of 🌶️ hot sauce from the 🫙 jar!
Want to make a tangy dressing? Combine mayo, mustard, and a 🫙 jar of pickles for a delicious twist.
Stocking up on pantry essentials today: 🥫 canned beans, 🫙 jar of peanut butter, and 🫙 jar of tomato sauce.
Saving up for a vacation? Let's fill the 🫙 jar with spare change and watch it grow! 💵 🪙"

Combinations with 🫙 Jar emoji:

    • 🫙🍯 - Sweetness in a Jar.
    • 🫙🥫 - Preserving Goodness.
    • 🫙🌰 - Nutty Delights.
    • 🫙🍇 - Homemade Jam Love.
    • 🫙🥒 - Pickling Adventures.
    • 🫙🥜 - Nut Butter Bliss.
    • 🫙🫕 - Storing for Later.
    • 🫙🍓 - Strawberry Jam Joy.
    • 🫙🍅 - Homemade Tomato Sauce.
    • 🫙🍵 - Tea Leaves in a Jar.
    • 🫙🍲 - Soup for Later.
    • 🫙🍾 - Champagne Dreams.
    • 🫙🥤 - Drink Mix Magic.
    • 🫙🌿 - Herbal Infusions.
    • 🫙🍋 - Preserving Citrus Zest.
    • 🫙🥜🍫 - Nutella Love.
    • 🫙🍊 - Orange Marmalade Magic.
    • 🫙🍞 - Homemade Bread Spreads.
    • 🫙🌶️ - Spicy Condiment Creations.
    • 🫙🧉 - Yerba Mate Goodness.
    • 🫙🥐 - Preserving Pastry Delights.
    • 🫙🌽 - Homemade Corn Relish.
    • 🫙🍆 - Eggplant Pickle Perfection.
    • 🫙🍯🥜 - Honey Roasted Peanut Butter.
    • 🫙🍑 - Peach Preserves Paradise.
    • 🫙🥗 - Dressing for the Salad.
    • 🫙🍅🌿 - Salsa Sensations.
    • 🫙🍪 - Cookie Jar Temptations.
    • 🫙🌼 - Capturing Floral Essence.
    • 🫙🍮 - Custard Delights.
    • 🫙🍋🍯 - Lemon Honey Goodness.
    • 🫙🍯🥛 - Honey Milk Delight.
    • 🫙🌰🍫 - Nutella Fudge Spread.
    • 🫙🌸 - Flower Infused Elixir.
    • 🫙🍇🍷 - Wine Connoisseur's Collection.
    • 🫙🌶️🥫 - Spicy Chili Sauce.
    • 🫙🥒🌶️ - Homemade Pickle Mix.
    • 🫙🥜🌰 - Gourmet Nut Jar.
    • 🫙🥫🌽 - Preserved Corn Delicacy.
    • 🫙🍓🥛 - Strawberry Milkshake in a Jar.
    • 🫙🍯🍎 - Apple Honey Spread.
    • 🫙🍞🧄 - Garlic Bread Dip.
    • 🫙🌿🥬 - Herb-infused Dressing.
    • 🫙🍯🌻 - Sunflower Honey Jar.

How Jar emoji appear on Apple, Google and other platforms?

but currently not supported in Samsung, LG, HTC, Microsoft, Messenger, Mozilla, Emojidex

Jar may look different on every device. In the above images you can view how Jar emoji appears on different devices. Emoji of Jar can be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other platforms and OS but not supported in Samsung, LG, HTC, Microsoft, Messenger, Mozilla, Emojidex. Some devices may show a blank box or X instead of Jar emoji as every device doesn't support each one of the emoji.

History of Jar emoji

This emoji was release under Emoji 14.0 with Unicode 14.0 on September 14, 2021. Jar emoji was first rolled out by Google on October 27, 2021 with Android 12L update. Following months saw 🫙 release by Twitter, Apple, WhatsApp, Facebook on March 8, 2022, March 14, 2022, April 19, 2022, April 20, 2022 respectively.

Jar in other languages

LanguageShort Name
Spanishtarro, condimento, envase, vacío, salsa, tienda
Germanglas, gewürz, behälter, leer, sauce, speicher
Frenchpot, condiment, récipient, vide, sauce, stocker
Russianбанка, приправа, контейнер, пустой, соус, магазин
Italianbarattolo, condimento, contenitore, vuoto, salsa, riporre
PortugueseJar, condimento, recipiente, vazio, molho, loja

What is the code of Jar emoji?

Unicode : U+1FAD9
Hexadecimal HTML Entity:   🫙
Decimal HTML Entity: 🫙

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