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The list of all Flag emojis. You can find the meaning of each emoji with its respective definition, usage and code. Though most of the emojis are supported by popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat but it must be noted that Flag emoji shown here are how they appear on your device or platform but they may not appear or appear differently on various devices.

Well, this flag in a hole emoji is rarely used to depict the sport game, and tha
Well a carp streamer emoji is yet another emoji that depicts the Japanese cultur
The closed mailbox with raised flag emoji belongs to a group of mailbox emojis.
The closed mailbox with lowered flag emoji is almost identical to the closed mai
One of four mailbox emojis, the open mailbox with raised flag emoji is very simi
The open mailbox with lowered flag emoji is almost identical to the closed mailb
The checkered flag emoji is instantly recognizable, as is its meaning. It’s pi
The triangular flag emoji shows a single triangular flag – usually a shade of
The crossed flags emoji shows two square flags on flag poles which are crossed o
The black flag emoji shows a single black flag on a flag pole or stick, blowing
Well, we all know what a white flag represents, so it’s only the matter of tim
Well, rainbow flag is something we all associate with the freedom and equality f
Ever wondered, whose flag is this? Well now you’ll find that one out. It repre
Ever seen this flag before? If not, it’s about time you learn something about
Well, this one is definitely the flag of the county that we all have on our buck
In case you never noticed this one, it’s the flag that represents the Afghanis
Did you know that there’s a sovereign state in the Americas, lying between the
Ever wondered what this British overseas territory is called like? While you cou
It seems like one of the vampire states, but the state that barriers this flag i
Well, this pretty flag belongs to Armenia, mostly known as the Republic of Armen
We all know that this flag belongs to Republic of Angola, but what makes this co
Ever wondered what this flag stands for? It’s for the land of the eternal ice,
You probably know this one already, the flag stands for Argentina, the land of t
This is the flag of American Samoa, unincorporated part of the American States,
Well, this flag is pretty much familiar as there are plenty of things that we as
Well we all know this flag, as Australia offered a lots of things to the world,
If you happen to know which country does this flag belong to, you’re pretty go
Does this flag ring a bell? Well, it belongs to yet another set of Islands, and
The Azerbaijan, country that bears this flag is situated in the South Caucasus r
Ever saw this flag before? It belongs to the Bosnia & Herzegovina, the small cou
Well, we all know this Barbados flag for there’s the one person we all listen
Japan changed the flag color? Well, not really, as this flag belongs to Banglade
Sure you’ve all seen this one before, as this country makes up the first two l
Ever saw this flag before? Well, it stands for Burkina Faso, one of the landlock
One of the countries that we know about, on the account of famous actors being b
This flag stands for Bahrain, country that is actually located on the island, an
Well if you ever wondered what this flag stands for, it’s actually Burundi, th
Well, in case you’ve wondered what this flag stands for, it is the flag that r
Ever wondered what this flag represents? Well, it’s the flag of St. Barthélem
Well, this flag represents the island of Bermuda, a small yet memorable island t
So, in case you didn’t pay attention in the Geography class, we’re here to t
On the off the chance that you missed the class when teacher mentioned this one,
In case you never had chance to google this one, now is the time for you to lear
Well, we all know this flag, and we all know that it represents the Brazil, one
In case you never checked out what this flag stands for, now you know as this on
In case you wondered which countries has a cool flag like this, it’s time to f
Well, in case you wondered, no this doesn’t represent Norway, but the small in
In case you’ve wondered what this one stands for, well, it’s one of the Afri
Well, in case you wanted to find about more about the country that this flag rep
This flag may not ring a bell, and that’s probably because it is the small ind
Well, we all know what this flag stands for, and it’s not only because of sing
If you happen to wonder which country this flag represents, it’s Cocos, also k
This flag must be familiar to you, as it represents the Democratic Republic of C
This is definitely one colorful flag, and it should be given that it represents
Well, no, it isn’t one of the Asian countries, and you’ll be surprised when
We’re all familiar with this one, as for many people, this European country me
Well, this country is something we all know about, but just happens to be one of
Well, in case you never knew what this flag represents, it the flag of Cook Isla
This flag represents one of the weirdest countries, at least considering the fac
This flag represents the Republic of Cameroon, a place where different cultures
Definitely a flag we all recognize, especially when buying things, this one repr
While you can only pretend not to know this one, you must admit that this flag r
This flag stands for one of the minor overseas territories in possession of Fran
Well, if you wonder what this one stands for, it’s actually a flag of Costa Ri
You’ve probably heard about this one before, although a flag may be confusing,
This flag represents the small archipelago named Cape Verde, which used to be Po
Well if you happen to have wondered what this flag represents, it’s one of the
We bet you once wondered if there’s a place where Santa Claus lives during the
Well, this is definitely a flag that we have pinned in our room if we are true f
If you ever wondered what this flag represents, it’s actually Czechia, the Rep
Definitely a flag we all recognize, even though, we almost never associate the G
If you ever wondered what this one stands for, well, it represents the largest o
In case you’ve wondered, this is the flag that represents the country Djibouti
Well, you’ve probably seen this one before, as this flag represent Kingdom of
Not to be mistaken with Dominican Republic, this flag stands simply for Dominica
Yet another flag that represents island country, this one stands for Dominican R
This flag represents Algeria, one of the Arab countries in North Africa, this is
Ever wondered what this flag represents, well, it stands for the Ceuta & Melilla
This flag represents Ecuador, representative democratic republic that happens to
This flags represents Estonia, the European country that happens to have it all,
Although this may be a flag that we all saw during the Arabian spring, it’s a
In case you’ve wondered what this flag represents, well now you know, as this
This flag represents the small African country known as Eritrea, that occupies t
Well, we’ve all recognized this flag, as it represent Spain, one of the top to
This flags represents the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, a place that
Definitely something we’ve all encountered before, this flag represents the Eu
This flag represents Finland, one of the European Nordic countries that happens
This flag stands for Republic of Fiji, one of the magical vacation places, the c
This flag represents Falkland Islands, an exquisite archipelago located in the S
This flag stands for Micronesia, a sub region of Oceania, consisting of the isla
This flag represents Faroe Islands, an archipelago located between the Norwegian
We all know what this flag stands for, as France is a home to just about anythin
This flag stands for Gabon, small African state that offers the wonders of natur
Definitely a flag that we all recognize as United Kingdom is one of the places w
This flag stands for a small island country of Grenada, located in the southern
This flag belongs to Georgia, and no, this country isn’t located in the USA, b
This flag represent French Guiana, an overseas department and region of France s
This particular flag stands for Guernsey, the island in the English Channel and
As this flag represent the Republic of Ghana, we might just as well wonder, what
This flag stands Gibraltar, British overseas territory located on the southern e
Well, this strange flag stands for Greenland, the autonomous country within the
This is a flag that represents the Republic of Gambia, one of the smallest Afric
This flag represents Guinea, one of potentially richest African countries, becau
The flag above represents Guadeloupe, the insular region of France located in th
This flag represents Equatorial Guinea, small country on the west coast of Afric
This is the flag that represents Greece, one of the oldest countries in the worl
This flag stands for South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands, British overseas te
The flag is a representative of Guatemala, a country in Central America that hol
This flag stands for Guam, unincorporated United States territory in the North P
This flag represents Guinea-Bissau, country in West Africa, that used to be Port
This flag represents Guyana, as sovereign state in northern part of South Americ
This flag represents Hong Kong Sar China, the administrative level region that h
This flag stands for Heard & Mcdonald Islands, Australian external territory tha
The flag that you see represents Honduras, a Republic in Central America that is
Flag that stands for Croatia, country in South Europe, and the one that offers t
This flag represents Haiti, one of the small countries located on the Island ion
This flag represents the Hungary, relatively small country in Europe, which defi
This flag represents Canary Islands, the set of islands that are the autonomous
This flag represents Indonesia, one of the transcontinental countries that will
The flag represents Ireland, definitely one of our favorite cultures, from the f
This flag represents Israel, the relatively new country that was built on the so
Ever wondered what this flag stands for. Well, it’s for the Isle of Man, one o
This flag represents India, one of the countries that we all happen to have on o
This flag represents British Indian Ocean Territory, the popular tourist destina
The flag represent Iraq, Arab country situated in Asia, and the place that is no
This flag represents Iran, the country that may not be a favorite one in the wor
Ever heard of this one before? Well, this flag represents Island, the place loca
We all know this flag as it represents Italy, everyone’s favorite country, not
This flag represents Jersey, the Island country that is under the Crown dependen
This flag represents the Jamaica, an island country situated in the Caribbean Se
This flag represents Jordan, yet another in line of the Arab countries that prof
Well, we all recognize this flag as Japan is definitely one of the places that w
Definitely a country that we’d like to visit, this flag represent Kenya, one o
This flag represent Kyrgyzstan, an impressive Asian country that you’ll most d
This flag represents Kingdom of Cambodia, the country located in the Southeast A
This flag stands for Kiribati, island nation located in the Pacific Ocean and a
This flag represents Comoros, an archipelago of volcanic islands located off the
This flag represents St. Kitts & Nevis, two-island country located in the Caribb
Well, almost everyone will recognize this flag, as it represents North Korea, th
While we recognize the flag of South Korea as one of the places that we could vi
This flag stands for Kuwait, the country in western Asia, and one of the Arab co
The flag is for Cayman Island, autonomous country counted like a British oversea
This flag stands for Kazakhstan, the dominant country in central Asia, known for
This flag represents Laos, the democratic republic located in Southeast Asia, th
This flag stands for Lebanon, small Arab country within the Middle East region,
This is the flag of St. Lucia, one of the most beautiful Caribbean Island countr
This flag represents Liechtenstein, landlocked microstate located in the Central
The flag that you see belongs to Sri Lanka, the island country in South Asia, an
This flag belongs to Liberia, Africa’s first republic that used to be quite da
This flag represents Lesotho, small country located in South Africa and the coun
This flag represents Lithuania, the only Baltic country with the 800 years of st
This flag represents Luxemburg, one of the three Benelux states, and the smalles
This flag represents Latvia, Baltic European country that may be small in size,
This flag represents Libya, once one of the richest Arab countries, and a place
This flag stands for Kingdom of Morocco, one of the most beautiful tourist desti
This is the flag that represents Monaco, sovereign city state located on the Fre
This flag represents Moldova, landlocked country in eastern Europe, this country
This flag represents Montenegro, one of the most beautiful countries for a vacat
This flags stands for St. Martin, an island in the northeast Caribbean Sea, and
Well, you know that this flag stands for Madagascar, the island country in India
This flag represents the Marshall Islands, an island country located near the Eq
This flag represents Macedonia, one of the European countries that unites religi
This flag represents Mali, one of the largest landlocked countries in the West A
This is an official flag of Myanmar, sovereign state in the region of the southe
This flag stands for Mongolia, the landlocked country located between China and
This flag represents Macau Sar China, yet another autonomous region under China,
This flag represents the Common Wealth of Northern Mariana Island, and region co
This flag stands for Martinique, an insular region of France located in the East
This is the flag of Mauritania, the Muslim country located in the Maghreb region
This is the flag of Montserrat, yet another Caribbean island that counts as the
This flag represents Malta, one of the small island countries located in the Med
This flag represents Mauritius, an island nation in the Indian Ocean, and a the
This flag stands for Maldives, one of the South Asian Island countries located i
This flag represents Mexico, a federal republic located in the southern portion
This flag represents Mexico, a federal republic located in the southern portion
This flag stands for Malaysia, the federal monarchy located in the Southeast Asi
This flag represents Mozambique, country in the Southeast Asia, bordered mostly
This flag stands for Namibia, one of the large African countries that happen to
This flag is the official flag of New Caledonia, property of France, located in
This flag represents Niger, landlocked country in western Africa, which was name
This flag stands for Norfolk Island, the small island country that officially be
This is a flag of Nigeria, federal republic in West Africa, and a place that may
This flag represents Nicaragua, country in Central America, which happens to be
This flag represents Netherlands, one of the best places to visit, located in th
This flag belongs to Norway, a Scandinavian country that offers much more than t
This flag represents Nepal, landlocked Himalayan country in South Asia, and a pl
This flag is for Nauru, also known as Pleasant Island, an island country located
This flag represents Niue, a small island country located in the South Pacific O
This is a flag of New Zeeland, a country we all know about as it was a place whe
This flag represents Oman, an Arab country that offers a long history and is unt
This flag stands for Panama, country in Central America, and a place that you mo
This flag represents Peru, a country that is located in the western South Americ
This flag stands for French Polynesia, overseas territory of France in Pacific O
This flag represents Papua New Guinea, an independent State in South Pacific Oce
This flag represents Philippines, an archipelago in South-East Asia, and a place
This flag represents Pakistan, Islamic country situated in South Asia, and the p
This flag represents Poland, a country in Central Europe, which you’re most li
This flag represents St. Pierre & Miquelon, a governing territorial overseas col
This flag represents Pitcairn Islands, a group of volcanic islands situated in t
This flag represents Puerto Rico, one of the external territories of the USA, lo
This flag represents the Palestine, place that was one an Arab country that had
This is a flag of Portugal, country in Europe that we all know about and not jus
This flag represent Palau, small island country located in the western Pacific O
This flag represents Paraguay, a landlocked country in South America that is a h
This flag represents Katar, one of the Arab countries that made its fortune with
This flag represents Réunion, an island and region of France in Indian Ocean, a
This flag represents Romania, country in central Europe, and the country that is
This is a flag of Serbia, small country located in South Europe, which was under
This flag represents Russia, one of the largest countries in the world and defin
This flag represents Rwanda, landlocked country in east-central Africa, which is
This flag represents Saudi Arabia, country that is widely known as the country t
This flag stands for Solomon Island, an island country in the Pacific Ocean and
This flag represents Seychelles, an island country in Indian Ocean, and the plac
This flag represents Republic of Sudan, African country, which you’ll often en
This flag is the official flag of Sweden, Scandinavian country that we all know
This flag represents Singapore, the sovereign city-state in Southeast Asia, and
This flag stands for St. Helena, British overseas territory and volcanic tropica
This flag represents Slovenia, one of the South European countries that you’ll
This flag represents Svalbard & Jan Mayen, a Norwegian archipelago on the Arctic
This flag represents Slovakia, country in Eastern central Europe that you’ll f
This flag represents Sierra Leone, country in West Africa, that has a significan
This flag stands for San Marino, third smallest state in Europe that is also kno
This flag represents Senegal, country in West Africa and a place where you’ll
This flag stands for Somalia, one of the poorest African countries and one of th
This flag represents the Republic of Suriname, the sovereign state on the northe
This flag represents South Sudan, landlocked country in northeastern Africa, and
This flag represents São Tomé & Príncipe, small Portuguese speaking island na
This flag represents El Salvador, smallest and most densely populated country in
This flag stands for Sint Maarten, the island country in Caribbean that by const
This flag represent Syria, an Arab country that we see often enough in the headl
This flag represents Swaziland, the country located on the South of Africa, and
This flag stands for Tristan Da Cunha, the remote group of volcanic islands in S
This flag represents Turks & Caicos Islands, the British Overseas Territories, a
This flag is for Chad, landlocked country ion Central Africa, the place that you
This country stand for French Southern Territories, set of a few islands located
This flag stands for Togo, country in West Africa that has a history of being Ge
This is a flag of Thailand, country in Southeast Asia and a place with a rich cu
This flag represents Tajikistan, a landlocked country lying in the very heart of
This flag represents Tokelau, an island country in the Southern Pacific ocean, t
This flag represents Timor-Leste, sovereign state in Southeast Asia, and a tropi
This flag stands for Turkmenistan, the country in Central Asia, mostly known for
This flag stands for Tunisia, an Arab country located in the center of North Afr
This flag represents Tonga, sovereign state and an archipelago in the South Paci
This flag represents Turkey, one of the countries that we all know about, the co
This flag represents Trinidad & Tobago, the twin island country located in the C
This flag stands for Tuvalu, formerly known as Ellice Island, an island nation l
This flag represents Taiwan, an island country that bears an official name Repub
This country represents Tanzania, country in eastern African, the magical countr
This flag represents Ukraine, a sovereign state in Eastern Europe, and the place
This flag represents Uganda, the country in Africa that you’ve probably heard
This flag represents U.S. Outlying Islands, the set of island territories of the
This flag represents United Nations, the most known international organization o
We all know this flag as it stand for the United States, a federal republic comp
This flag represents Uruguay, a sovereign state in the southern east region of S
This flag represents Uzbekistan, a republic in Central Asia, the magical place w
This flag represents the Vatican City, a place that is definitely the holiest fo
This flag stands for St. Vincent & Grenadines, sovereign state in the Lesser Ant
This flag stands for Venezuela, a federal republic located on the northern coast
This flag stands for British Virgin Islands, British Overseas Territory in Carib
This flag represents U.S. Virgin Islands, the group of islands in Caribbean sea
This flag stands for Vietnam, the country in Southeast Asia that we all unfortun
This flag represents Vanuatu, an island nation in the Pacific Ocean, and a place
This flag stands for Wallis & Futuna, Overseas Territory of France in Pacific Oc
This flag represents Samoa, the island nation in Pacific Ocean, and the country
This flag is for Kosovo, miniature country that used to be part of Serbia but ga
This flag represents Yemen, an Arab country with a rich history and the culture
This flag is for Mayotte, an insular part of France, situated in Indian Ocean, a
This flag represents South Africa, the place where you’ll get to see the rich
This flag represents Zambia, landlocked country in South Africa, that you’ll f
This flag represents Zimbabwe, landlocked country in Southern Africa, and the pl
This flag represents England, as a part of the United Kingdom that we love for e
This flag represents Scotland, the part of United Kingdom that most of the peopl
Uniquely colored flag first debuted in 1999 at the pride parade in Arizona. The
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