5 Emojis you use daily

Nowadays emojis are something that we cannot ignore, something that in a way defines our communication with the world. There is over a thousand of acknowledged emojis by Unicode, and last year 53 more are added, and this year there is to be added even more, so we often wonder do people use all these emojis, and if so what’s the possible explanation to some emojis. The fact is that people are going to use emojis even more in future according to the recent surveys, and every year number of users grows, so what does that mean for the Unicode.

Well, one thing is for sure, we get new emojis every year, different options, and different variations, and as people use it, the collection grows, which is understandable, and for the last few years social media decided to keep a track, and see which emojis people use more often than the other, and it didn’t take them a lot to compile a list, so we’re bringing you a list of 5 emojis you probably use every day, according to Twitter.


5th place belongs to pile of poo emoji, and we must admit that we kind of expected that, so either when texting your friend or your boyfriend, this emojis comes to play often, but not as often as with your sister right? It’s also quite often to use it as a caption so it’s natural that it took 5th place given all those posts we captured with at least 10 of these.


As for the 4th place, it definitely belongs to a face with stuck out tongue and a winky eye, for we prefer this one when it comes to texting pretty much anyone, whether to annoy them, or to appear silly, or for whatever reason you can think of, and it’s perfectly fine as long as you consider yourself basic.


3rd place is taken by emoji that is officially known as smiling face with smiling eyes, but we all consider it to be blushing face so there’s no point in pretending that we don’t use this one when flirting with pretty much anyone that text us, as this emoji is like a sign that we’re interested, or that we like texting with them in the first place.


2nd place is definitely heart emoji, that we use almost every time when someone texts us something nice and we simply decide to show our affection, or perhaps when we decide to congratulate someone, as this emoji definitely can be used in a lot of way, as a thank you note or as a caption to the snap of our beloved one, so there’s no doubt why this one is second on our list.


Coming down to number emoji we all use, and the emoji that officially is an icon that was enlisted as the word we used so frequently in 2016, that it made it to a dictionary, and that is face with tears of joy emoji, not only the one we use often, even though we almost never laugh, but also the emoji  that we cannot use simply once but definitely a few times in a row, and we don’t blame you as this is probably the reason why this emoji took the first place.

We hope this list provided you insights that you needed, and if nothing, we hope that you find yourself using at least 3 of these emojis every day, like ourselves, in various occasions, and when chatting with your virtual friends as ethat’s what emojis are made for, wouldn’t you agree?

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