Red emoji list

The list of all Red emojis. You can find the meaning of each emoji with its respective definition, usage and code. Though most of the emojis are supported by popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat but it must be noted that Red emoji shown here are how they appear on your device or platform but they may not appear or appear differently on various devices.

The smiling face with smiling eyes emoji is one of the classic closed mouth, smi
The kissing face with closed eyes emoji is almost identical with the kissing fac
The smiling face emoji is truly the original emoji as well as probably the most
The tired face looks somewhat closer to exasperation that tiredness, and when vi
The fearful face emoji is almost identical to the anguished face emoji, except t
The weary face emoji has an open mouth which looks to be in mid groan of anguish
The flushed faced emoji shows a face with large, saucer-like eyes, raised eyebro
The pouting face emoji is not just pouting, it’s mad! Usually shaded in an ang
Among the standard emojis, the angry face emoji is identical to the pouting face
The face with head bandage emoji is one of a number of emojis which can be used
The smiling face with horns emoji is a little red, orange or purple – dependin
The ogre emoji is often called the “scary emoji” because it really does look
The goblin emoji is another emoji inspired by Japanese traditions and customs: h
Like the smiling cat face with heart eyes emoji, there is very little reason for
Although officially called the weary cat face emoji, it has a lot more in common
The woman dancing emoji appears differently across different platforms, but gene
Like most of the other body part emojis, the mouth emoji is quite versatile and
The closed umbrella emoji depicts a collapsed umbrella or rain parasol. It has a
The collision emoji is also known as the boom emoji, and depicts a classic carto
The chicken emoji can appear very similar to the rooster one, though on most pla
The penguin emoji is an extremely popular emoji. Not so much because it is parti
The crab emoji is quite versatile and has a number of meanings depending on the
There are two shrimp emojis: one alive and whole, the other beheaded and breaded
The Rose emoji? One of the most used emojis in the world as it represents not ju
What about this maple leaf? Well, not only this emoji represents the autumn seas
While the grapes emoji may be used in whole lot of situations, we all know what
Watermelon emoji? Well, this is the official summer starter. The watermelon emoj
Well if you see someone that has a red apple emoji next to their name on a socia
While cherries will always associate us with something sweet, this emoji has the
As for the Strawberry emoji, this one is reserved for pretty much everything. It
So why would anyone use a tomato emoji? Well, Spain has this magnificent tomato
Although a hot pepper emoji is usually associated with the Mexican food, this cu
Well we all know this isn’t used to represent a doughnut, but still a doughnut
Wine glass emoji is definitely something that we used recently, when describing
While baseball emoji is not as popular in the rest of the world as it is in the
While the boxing glove emoji does indeed share a lots of misuse, when it comes t
We all know how a hospital emoji looks like and that’s what makes this one be
If you’ve had the chance to visit Tokyo, then you’ll probably realize this e
Automobile emoji is something we’ll all use once we finally get a car for ours
Red baloon emoji is nwadays often used as a refrerence to the animated clasisic
We all know whose favorite emoji this one is? You’ve guessed it right, gamers
Well this red paper lantern emoji is definitely something you might use the next
Closed book emoji is definitely one of those emojis that you’ll use every time
The credit card emoji depicts the back of a plastic bank card, nominally a credi
The closed mailbox with lowered flag emoji is almost identical to the closed mai
The open mailbox with lowered flag emoji is almost identical to the closed mailb
The pushpin emoji is one of two similar emojis, both in appearance and meaning.
The round pushpin emoji is very similar to the pushpin emoji both in appearance
The pill emoji is extremely versatile and suitable for use in a wide range of co
The red heart emoji is a classic love heart and an iconic image. Although offici
The broken heart emoji shows a single pink or red love heart with a lightning sh
This heart exclamation is something we use when looking for a caption to our lat
While we all associate this with the forbidden territory, this stop sign emoji i
Well, you don’t have to be a Japanese to know what this emoji means. Mahjong r
This speaker on medium volume is definitely a favorite thing to see on our smart
Definitely something that we often see on the girl’s private Instagram profile
Definitely an emoji that we all see every now and then in life or probably when
One of those emojis that girls like to use as description to their profiles once
You’ve probably used this one the last time you had that kinky text exchange w
Another one of the symbols that originate in Japan, this heavy red circle is use
Definitely, a distinguishable one, this cross mark emoji is one those emojis we
Double exclamation mark is unquestionably something we’ve all seen being used
Red exclamation mark emoji is one of the emojis that simply have that impact on
Something you’ll most likely to see on the social media posts as a proclamatio
You’ve probably used this one already, the last time you got something new, as
Probably something that you’ve seen before, this red triangle not only represe
Red triangle pointed down is definitely one of the emojis that we all use as yet
Something we all use, when pointing out the forbidden stuff, this red circle emo
The checkered flag emoji is instantly recognizable, as is its meaning. It’s pi
The triangular flag emoji shows a single triangular flag – usually a shade of
We’re all familiar with this one, as for many people, this European country me
This is the light skin tone version of Woman Dancing emoji with pale white or wh
This is the medium light skin tone version of Woman Dancing emoji with cream whi
This is the medium skin tone version of Woman Dancing emoji with moderate brown
This is the medium dark skin tone version of Woman Dancing emoji with dark brown
This is the dark skin tone version of Woman Dancing emoji with deep brown skin c
The emoji can represent sweltering heat during a sunny day. It can also convey t
In Chinese and many Asian cultures, an envelope containing money is given by the
This is a component element designed to be used in conjunction with other emojis
Red is primarily associated with danger, heat, passion, anger, love and sacrific
Yawning is a frequent facial expression. It represents exhaustion after a long,
It represents a healing heart from an emotional trauma. Emoji is used to offer c
The Face­ with Open Eyes emoji conve­ys many feelings. It helps digital chat s
The ID Card Emoji mimics a ge­nuine ID, suggesting ideas of ide­ntity proof, a
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